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what is the seedling bed ?

it could be described as a finding place.  or a seeing place.  is it seeing now ?  or is it seeing possibilities of the future ?  or is it a place of change ?  whatever else it is it is a place of attraction and wonder.  this flower has a lighter edge.  however the petals are dark in the center, while the sepals are lighter in the middle and have a darker area between the middle and the edge.  how will it mature when it comes out of the seedling bed ?  three images…

14-146 12-029 11-0708-D x John Sheehan ) x Skinwalker



fern unfurling

spring waits for nothing.  the miniature iris are blooming out.  the Virginia Blue Bells are done.  there was one last bell dangling this morning.  the full size iris and the peony are stepping up to the display.  the fiddle heads have gone to unfurl.  and the dortmundi species daylily are budding.  they will be blooming very soon.  and usually that means that the regular daylily bloom is about two weeks away.  than means only some old pictures and some new pictures as daylily season winds up.   call me easily excited.  four images…  and two seedling beds are ready for seeds…




one way to remember the seedling bed.  one garden with yellow.  one way to take my breath away.  one moment.  one moment not to be held back.  the two central flowers are siblings.  the cross is Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rol.  one is dark like Carmine Ibis.  one is yellow unlike either parent.  one is named for our granddaughter Vera’s Verse.  and one is waiting for a name.  the last image is the two parent flowers.  and no bloom season has not started yet.  these are from previous summers.  six images…

seedling bed IMG_4568 grdn  Carmine Ibis x Fol De Rol img 4135 det2 Carmine Ibis x Fol De Rol img 2817 detCarmine Ibis x Fol De Rol img 4135 macro 2 Carmine Ibis x Fol De Rol img 4195 macro 1carmine ibis n fol de rol sbs

Moving Day(s)

Auntie Shrew just ran though hollering ‘Everyone must git from the meadow!’  Well it is not exactly moving day – more like moving days.  As it is going to take some time to clear the select beds  and seedling beds.  De-selected plants need to be moved out.  And room needs to be made  for this year’s selects.  And the survivors of the select bed need to be lined out for one of the more crucial tests.  Will that double fan multiply ?  And will that bloom be pretty enough to catch anyone’s attention.

This is one of the select beds.  It has been cleared of last year’s plants.  Some of the new selects have been planted and there is room for a few more.   So look out Auntie Shrew moving day is not over.  Even if this is not the meadow.

And next summer there will be a few more of these blooming here.

Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins