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trying something different tonight.  i keep talking about crosses of one plant to another.  so tonight is as good as any to show some parents of crosses and some of the resulting seedlings.  the first two parents are Dragons Eye a small short pink flower with a darker red eye.  And the other parent is Trahlyta a purple flower with a darker purple eye.

the seedling is an all purple flower about the size of Dragons Eye and a bit taller than both parents.  the purple is a solid color with no noticeable eye zone.

the seedling got its own name – Indigo Ignition.  and it was crossed with a slightly taller skinny and much bigger flower called Skinwalker.

and now we have this seedling.  a smaller flower than Skinwalker and it is a bigger flower than Indigo Ignition.  and it is on a taller stronger flower scape than either parent.  seeds from this flower will be planted this spring.  imaginations and guesses what they will look like are welcome.   of course it would help showing the other parents that went into each cross.  then again why limit the imaginings ?

14-163 Indigo Ignition x Skinwalker

one year

from one year to another things change.  new seedlings bloom.  new choices become possible.  the first two purple flowers are such a case.  first one bloomed and it became a favorite.  then the other one bloomed and it too became a favorite.  ah can the two favorites be crossed ?  what will come of that ?

14-013-A 12-052 Smoke Scream x Purple Satellite ) x Venus of Willendorf

14-123-A 10-073 Smoke Scream x Cerulean Star) x 12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills sib to Eyed seedling


get your facts straight.  get your ducks in a row.  connect the dots.  and watch out for surprises.  the labels say these two are connected.  they should have been in the same row.  that does not mean they bloomed on the same days.  in fact it does not mean they looked like they were in the same row.  some plants grow in one direction some grow in another.  and if the rows are close enough together the obvious can rapidly become less so.  if there is one thing mother nature is not it is OCD.  as in obsessive compulsive disorder.  we will deal with the irony of disorder being part of OCD another night.  so back to the labels.  really  ? ! ? !  this may trigger further experimentation and observation.  and who knows perhaps later celebration.  the possibilities unfold.  two potential siblings.  a couple of links   1 and 2.  and a few images…


14-079 12-110 Anna Mel(NR) x Coburg Preview) x (B110-A Tet Skinwalker) x Morticia) x Apatosaurus


some seedlings don’t offer any obvious direction or answers.  they may not look very exciting at all.  then again the stew does not look so exciting when it is first being stirred either.  things have to be tried.  and pretty and weaker is not the only path to try.  sometimes it is two and three generations and more.  eventually something shows promise.  the journey has to start somewhere.  two sibs from the same cross can be quite different.  one can be tall and sturdy.  and the other can be shorter and not so sturdy.  time and trial and observation are the journey.  three images…



of sorts

this is a family portrait of sorts.  three generations.  the only one missing is the pod parent Stella’s Ruffled Fingers.  Stella is blooming away just a few feet north of this plot.  tonight it is the other parent plant Little Rainbow x Talon blooming tall and red to the left.  the rest of the picture is the two generations of seedlings from this cross.  as you can see there are all different heights, colors, and bloom shapes in the mix.   and a small sea of columbine seed pods in the middle.  three images…



somewhen between visual and words we see, describe, and share.  though sometimes it takes some work to really see.  and a little more work to actually describe.  and some more work to share.  enjoy the flowers.  and share.   three images…

2014_-sdlg-bed-img_0296-macro 2014_-sdlg-bed-img_0296-det 2014_-sdlg-bed-img_0296-grdn

back to monday

back to o day.  so today is an alphabet in order day.  and next is o.  another flower chosen by granddaughters.  two granddaughters chose this flower.  they chose it for their younger sister.  and as granddaughters can occasionally do they overruled grandmother in the choice of flower.  smart grandpas just stand back and wait for the decision to finalize.  o is for Olivia’s Opera.  a pink flower.  a flower chosen by youth.  tonight for a little variety we will show the journey that many flowers are on.  Olivia’s Opera is on one of those journeys.  first Olivia’s pink flower.  then the journey.   lots of pictures.

olivia's opera img 3306 clmp olivia's opera img 5843 det olivia's opera img 5843 macro_1 then the partners in the journey.  Olivia’s Opera was crossed with this seedling.  new seeds were collected and planted.  a time of patience ensued.  about two or three years to be specific.   and the journey continued with new seedlings from that cross.  two siblings doing what siblings often do.  one looking quite different.  and the other looking somewhere in between.  they are from the same cross.  there are forks in the road even in the summer.  and sometimes for a little while both paths are chosen…

olivia's opera img 5843 sbs sh-B110 tet skinwalker

11-014 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker img 2031 det 11-014 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker IMG_1363 det_2



the other day i mentioned flowers that can be affected by temperature, slowing their opening timetable.   here are a couple of examples.  7 AM Cleveland Ohio on July 3rd 2015.  About 61 Fahrenheit.  these two flowers are next to each other in the same section of the garden.  and as you can see there is a difference in the rate of opening.  and if you look at the other flowers  in each picture they are  behaving consistently as the other flowers on that plant.   and to be honest the darker flower is not completely open.   when it is the petals will be just as far back as the sepals.  three images…

cool partial open grdn IMG_9612 cool morn opener grdn IMG_9611cool morn opener macro IMG_9611

moments and intervals

between moonbeams things happen.  poking around the 2013 seedling bed i found what should be a seedling of Radiant Moonbeam.  sooner or later i will find the picture that should go with the tag.  until then this moment belongs to Radiant Moonbeam.  two images…

radiant moonbeam macro 001 radiant moonbeam det 001