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it was a good day to start cleaning the weeds out of the seedling bed.  to make room for a new crop of flowers.  and seed sorting has started.  it is time to pick the ones that will get planted.  if there was more room there still would not be enough room.  and it would be a terrible problem.  more flowers than i would know what to do with.  a problem that would be great fun to solve.  or attempt to solve.  for now i will concentrate on getting ready to plant and to get these seeds in the ground.  three images of Ginger Swallowtail…


and round and in lots of envelopes.  the seeds cluttering the dining room table are now kinda like tucked into two cardboard boxes.  lots of seeds.  cross my eyes seeds.  seeds full of dreams two summers from now.  and this is a seedling in Xenia this summer past.  a flower for the day.  two images…

rbg 9770 orchid star macro rbg 9770 orchid star det

season of seeds

the season of bloom lingers only faintly.  some will not give over easily.  only a few though.  where once was a sea of bloom stands a forest of faded scapes.  most of the scapes have already given up their seed pods.  and this one is among the few that so far refuse to listen.  the autumn equinox has come.  leaves will fall.  and polished black seeds wait out the winter.   four images…

seedpod det

yardview IMG_5424 spent scapesmahieu seedling late orange det_9_17

do not open till spring

the garden still has bloom.  daylily bloom even.  and now all those seed pods are starting to ripen, dry and split open.  mother nature would gladly handle the planting.  the seeds would fall here and there.  and while many would germinate in the spring, not nearly so many would survive to bloom.  the garden is a crowded jostling place where each plant has to fight for its place in the sun.  just a fraction of all those seeds make it to bloom and repeat the process in the natural scheme of things.  so here is a pod ripe on the scape.  a close up of a harvested pod.  seeds about to be stored in an envelope.  the cross is two early blooming plants that can rebloom on occasion.  perhaps the seeds will rebloom too.  and lastly one of those blooming flower things.  four images

pod on scape pod mm x paperbutterfly det

seeds do not open till spring IMG_6458 droopy drawers x ouchita beauty det

seed season is here

it is time to collect seeds.  all those crosses eventually lead to some seeds.  not every cross is going to have seeds.  this season it appears there will be plenty to choose.  so here are some pictures of seeds and pods.  and a picture of something that comes from them…  four images

seedpods macro

seeds envelope det

seed envelope IMG_6397

red eye ruffled seedling

planting day(s)…

or daze…  the seeds are coming out of the envelopes and going in the ground.  and other things are blooming.  so the first few rows of seeds have gone into the soil.  it will take a few more days to plant both seed beds.   some of the plants removed from the bed can be seen sitting on the path.  Others have been placed next to the back fence.  the seeds go in six inches apart and are staggered so the plant in the next row should not be right along side.  they will stay here for the next three years.  then the process will be repeated.  the oldest seed beds are just to the left.   and last year’s seedling bed can be seen in the second picture.  some of these should bloom this year.  speaking of blooms the Siberian Iris are blooming too.  so page down to see them…

2014 seedling beds IMG_7652

last years seedling bed IMG_7657 siberian iris

not letters to sandy clause !

Yes it is way too early to be writing santa.  And these are just barely addressed.  This is a pile of recycled and re-purposed junk mail envelopes.  There is a stack of waiting envelopes in the lower right hand corner.  I take a pencil and a wad of envelopes and go looking for opened ripe seed pods.  If there is a tag on the seed pod the whole thing goes into the envelope, tag, pod and all.  Particularly the seeds !  The envelope gets the corners folded over and folded in half.  And then unceremoniously stuffed in my pocket.  Bee pods get a note on the outside.  Once the pockets are stuffed and won’t stuff no more – or the envelopes run out then it is time to dump them on the table.  There are probably 200 envelopes already.  Volcan Fuego probably still has 50 pods on it and only a fraction have tags.  The rest are from those busy bees…. and a few other insects.  I should start sorting them already and stuffing the envelopes into empty boxes.  Soon.  I don’t think I want to see this year’s seed count.   I will just pluck out the prime crosses and run….

seed envelopes

The pods of late summer

will give way to the seeds of autumn.  A few of them have already dried and sprung open.  They will reveal the dark jewel like seeds of the next generation.  For now the pods dominate the garden.  There are more pods than blooms.  They ride above the spent scapes and mark the time when autumn will take over.  It is a full 30 days away, yet coming it is, and the signs of its approach
are here.

pods det


what a cross looks like

This is what happens a few days after a cross is made.  The pollen lands on the pistol and the next day the flower starts to dry up.  A few days later if the cross takes the ovary starts to swell and begins to look like a seed pod.  Eventually the spent flower falls off.  Oh and if it is not the work of the bees someone ( me ) leaves a marker of some sort to identify the cross.  Later in a month or two when the pod ripens the cross will be recorded on an envelope and the seed will be placed inside.

cross lr x vow

The seed pod barely shows above the tag.  The dried blossom is still attached.   Below it in the corner of the picture is a seed pod the bees made.  The note contains the parents used in the cross and the date the cross was made.  The parents are Little Rainbow x Venus of Willendorf.

vow sbs lr

a funny thing happend on the way to computer…

I remembered my way to the seed bed.  It was not too difficult after all.  Though the blossoms were in the way.  Can you see it hiding there off to the right ?

hide the seedlings

There are two beds planted with new seeds this year.  The one to the left was first to be planted.  This took place over a couple of days.  Followed by the planting of the second bed a few days later.  There is still one row to be planted in that bed.  And three days ago weeding began.  It will continue until the seedlings can hold their own against the weeds.  It will be by hand and not out of a bag of chemicals.  So far there has been none of that here.

weedling vs seedling

If you look real close you will see a few seedlings that are no more than a few blades – looking quite like grass.   And yes there is a fresh crop of weeds working to join in.  It is a good thing I took these pictures in the morning before some guy with dab of pollen, flagging tape, and a marker distracted me.  More of that tomorrow.

seedling det