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the play

it just might be that nature, the flower, the light, and the shadows are at play here.  three images…



often in the garden it is sway between light and shadow.  drifting one way and then the other.  subtle influences tilting one way and then the other.  reflecting the changes in other aspects of our lives.  making it mostly impossible to write merely about the garden.  and making it more impossible to understand the influences in other places.  three images…

13-073-B Bagnana x She Who Must Be Obeyed


step to the right.  this one had me a bit puzzled until i checked a few other pictures.  it must be Ouachita Beauty.  sprinkled with light and shadow.  one defines the other, they work well together.  three images…

ouachita-beauty-img_1915-macro2 ouachita-beauty-img_1915-macro ouachita-beauty-img_1915-grdn