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is it the end of one day ? or is it the beginning of another ? or is it just now ? and now do you need a flower ? it is your flower.

16-056 11-014 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker) x 14-091 Open Hearth tet x Black Plush tet
16-056 11-014 Olivia’s Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker) x 14-091 Open Hearth tet x Black Plush tet

familiar territory

okay so i do not recognize the flower.  i keep thinking i should.  that’s a good thought.  is the picture good enough to share ?  maybe even brighten someone’s day or night ?  then i think we are at a good point.  find flower.  share.  three images…

do not desist

desist not sharing flowers.  be like the dandelion and any time there is enough sun – even just a little bit – bloom !  dandelions will bloom in the winter when their little patch of green comes out of the snow.  these are not the first dandelions of spring.  so on this golden yellow flower day a picture of Sara’s dandelions and a golden seedling.  share a flower.  someone, somewhere needs a blessing.  four images…


may you be blessed this Thanksgiving day.  may you share your blessings with those who need it most.  three images…

highland-pinched-fingres-img_0030-macro highland-pinched-fingres-img_0030-det highland-pinched-fingres-img_0030-grdn


no – this is not about writing poetry.   and for those of you with an unkind attitude to Bill Shakespeare’s favorite pun  – you will just have to wait Till Birnam wood remove to Dunsinane.   this is about posting in the midst of a food coma.  a kind of double punctuation.  one medically ( or gastronomically ) induced and the other almost imposed by literary restrictions.  is it possible to accomplish without that deep drifting off that follows a too well enjoyed meal ?  does consciousness fall away as easily as meat from the bone ?  there is under these sad dire  circumstances a flower with need to be shared.  and perhaps, possibly, an individual or three that could be in need of such a seldom moment.  two images…

Ocean Spirit 2434img macro Ocean Spirit 2434img det


not encumbered with complexity.  if the goal is to share a flower then there are just a few basic steps.  find flower.  share flower.  resist the urge to overthink or overover.  enjoy the occasional good/bad pun.  try not to let it get in the way of the flower.  two images…

2381img macro 14-000 2381img det 14-000

and more

is it okay to bringing in the grand parents ?   or is that going to far ?  i will not tell you how far some growers go back tracking parentage.  heck i might even be guilty, so i will not say it too loud.  this is a cross involving Asterisk x Walking the Pattern ( grand parents ) and left to right.  then Irish Lullaby x the seedling from Asterisk and Walking the Pattern.  again left to right.  and finally two images of the resulting seedling from that cross…  and if you get the chance share something with someone.  something nice…

asterisk x walking the pattern sbs

irish lullaby x (asterisk x walking the pattern) sbs bs


12-041 Irish Lullaby x 10-070 Asterisk x Walking the Pattern macro 001 12-041 Irish Lullaby x 10-070 Asterisk x Walking the Pattern det 001