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don’t get too picky.  stay with what works.  don’t wait for the perfect flower.   you are looking at one.  three images…



what makes this plant a good choice ?   compared to the other plants planted back in 2011 it is blooming it’s socks right off.  yes it has a pretty red flower.  yes the color is strong and clean.  yes the flowers all open with a consistent star shaped form.  and yes there are easily more flowers in bloom from this clump of plants.  the plant has increased the number of fans two or three times as fast as any others.  counting the visible open flowers there are about 16 scapes in bloom.  that most likely equates to 16 separate fans, plus a few more.  the simple way to put it is the plant is a fast increaser.  it will give a lot of bloom in a short amount of time.  the rest of its qualities are a very nice bonus…  so let’s keep it simple… two images

11-052 Wild One x Autumn Minaret) x John Sheehan  clump IMG_3841

11-052 wild one x autumn minaret) x John Sheehan det

a different perspective

this flower is called Shibui Splendor.   so it seemed like a good time to look up Shibui.   a Japanese aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty.   this seems to be a good point to let the flower reflect that statement.

shibui splendor shibui splendor macro IMG_9810


the growing of seedlings can be many things.  one of those things can be to seek.  seek beauty.  seek new.  seek unusual.  seek to learn.  learn the nature of the plant.  some days a plant of differences is found.  and the difference in itself may be obvious.  what to do with that difference may not be so obvious.  does it have a use ?  is it enjoyable ?  or does it leave us puzzled ?  then there are other days where the flower looks simple.  it resembles so many others.  it seems common without any particular interest.  is it common ?  or does it require more study ?  do i need to sharpen my seeking ?  or perhaps zen my seeking ?  look, enjoy, and do not be afraid to seek.  it is only change.  something we do most every day.

sf13c unknown seedling img1969 det