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double or nuthin

bet you cannot guess what this will do.  why not ?  i will take that bet.  this is a cross of a small purple flower richly hued.  and a large pale lavender flower.  and a seedling that is only part of the answer.  to get the whole answer you might as well watch and count the stars.  because that is how many combinations there are in daylily genetics.  first the two parents and then the seedling.  four images…

14-163 Indigo Ignition x Skinwalker

now where was i ?

ah yes i had just enough energy to pick out a flower.  then i was going to rest for a moment until the shivers were under control.  well that was a long moment.  and the shivers are now under control.  there is nothing quite like a winter cold coupled with a 14 degree night.  that is fahrenheit not celsius.   so anyway back to that picture… Skinwalker a very nice spider named out of native american mythology.   three images…




the alphabet is done

so why not go back to some letters?  this flower escaped when s was taken.  Skinwalker is a flower with 8.5 inches of curl and twist. 21.5 cm in other measures.  now that is a bloom.  five images…

skinwalker IMG_2693 macro_3 skinwalker IMG_2693 macro_2 skinwalker IMG_2693 macro_1skinwalker IMG_2693 det skinwalker IMG_2693 grdn

blossom beauty

a collection of flowers from around the garden.  several images…     a couple with flow to the petals.

14-000 Prague Spring x Gift Tie) x Smoke Scream det 14-000 red seedling 002 det

a small Nutmeg Elf seedling and a dark eyed seedling.

14-000 Nutmeg Elf Rococo det Clipboard01

a tall seedling with a smaller red bloom and a big pink star.

14-000 party array x john shehan Platex Living Glove det

a tall and airy yellow seedling.

11-081 Walking The Pattern x (Smoke Scream x Talon) det 2 11-081 Walking The Pattern x (Smoke Scream x Talon) macro 2

a poly bi-color seedling followed by a cluster of dancing Nutmeg Elf seedlings.

11-000 diabolique sib cross det dance of the nutmeg elf kids

and lastly a collection of the faces of Skinwalker.  Tall flowing through volumes of space and every bloom doing its own pose or dance.

skinwalker droopy det skinwalker poser det skinwalker ninja det skinwalker poser macro


is – not is not.  the last couple of days it has been plants that are at Dave’s garden – and not in mine.  tonight it is both.  plants that are in Dave’s garden and are also in my garden.   and while they are both daylilies they are opposites in terms of form.  one – Skinwalker is large and flowing.   a spider form that is listed at 8.5 inches 21.5 cm that if it was uncurled would be considerably more.  and the second is small and roundish – Siloam David Kirchhoff – is listed at 3.5 inches 8.9 cm.  likewise Sinkwalker is tall while Siloam David Kirchoff is not.  so yes both are daylilies.  and they are in both of our gardens.  four images.

dw skinwalker garden IMG_3551 dw skinwalker det IMG_3551 dw siloam david kirchhoff det dw siloam david kirchhoff macro


a seedling

This is a first year bloom seedling from this past summer.  The loose translation, it might just get better as it matures.  And right now it is not so bad just as it is.   The sepals are long and skinny.  And the front petals are showing enough pinch and length to make them interesting.  The cross is 12-028 ((11-003 Turn Back Time X Coburg Preview) x (Highland Pinched Fingers x South Seas )) x (SH B110-A tet Skinwalker)  Yes it is a long list of plants.  And sometimes it is good to know the plants involved in a cross.  And to build on that bit of knowledge.  For now enough details,  the seedling.

12-028 11-003 Turn Back Time X Coburg Preview) x (Highland Pinched Fingers x South Seas ) x SH B110-A tet Skinwalker det

Rain rain

Rain in the morning and rain at the end of the day, with sunshine in between.  It actually worked out to be a pretty good day.   Just bookends rain instead lots of rain.  We are getting close to peak bloom.  Somewhere in the next week or so almost everything daylily wise will be in bloom.  And today was a good day to start weeding the seed beds.  Keep the weeds from getting out of control and smothering the new seedlings.   And the seeds planted just a few weeks ago are starting to come up.  The look like tiny blades of grass right now, just sticking up a few inches from the ground.  With all this rain they should grow well.  And it makes the weeds easier to pull too.  The rain is coming down fairly good again now.   It chased us into the house a bit before sunset and it has been drizzling or raining all night so far.  Now if the weather person is to be believed there is more sunshine and less rain in the forecast in the coming days.  Here is one of the plants that started blooming today.  It is called Skinwalker and the name comes from Native American legends.    It is a graceful plant.  The bloom is about 8 inches across, about the size of a dinner plate.  Tomorrow if the rains cooperate I will try to get a picture of the weeded seed bed and the itsy bitsy blades of grass like seedlings.

skwlkr det