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Give Me Eight x Smoke Scream

something for the morning sun.  these colors are visible in the full sun of mid day.  and in the gentler light of morning they stand out.  four images…

far flung

looking at this flower and trying to categorize my reactions.  is it winding up trying to extend its space ?  does the energy from the throat radiate out into the purple petals ?  or should i give it more time to speak ?  and spend some time simply listening.  perceiving.  learning.  three images…

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somethings are lost.  and sometimes somethings are found.  this one has changed from when it was lost.  however i believe it has been found.  a seedling of Smoke Scream x Give Me Eight… three images…

blush and glow

how could such a simple color pattern be so exciting ?   a dash of yellow and a blush of pink.  just a hint of glow.  it works. now to mix it with that next cross.  three images…


look over there

step over to the other bed where a flower is blooming tall.  48 inches 121.9 cm.  a dark purple with dark veins and a lighter purple eye.  three images…

13-0702-001-smoke-scream-x-diabolique-img_1854-macro 13-0702-001-smoke-scream-x-diabolique-img_1854-det

13-0702-001 Smoke Scream x Diabolique

13-0702-001 Smoke Scream x Diabolique


this is a picture of a seedling and the two parent plants.  it is not legos.  it is much more complex.  and no two seedlings from the same cross are exactly alike.  it is always surprise and a mystery.  three images, the parents and the seedling…


Smoke Scream x Purple Satellite img1998 det Smoke Scream x Purple Satellite img1998 macro_3

times 2

when you cross a seedling back to a sibling you gamble.  you can double up on good genetics.  you can also double up on so so and not so good genetics.  it is a risk.  this seedling is not the result of a sibling cross.  more like a cousin.  however there are genetic from Walking the Pattern on both sides.  the cross is Walking the Pattern x Asterisk) x ( Walking the Pattern x (Smoke Scream x Talon.  wherever the good genetics came from i do like the results.  three images…


14-117 10-051 WTP x Asterisk) x 11-081 WTP x (SS x Talon

14-117 10-051 WTP x Asterisk) x 11-081 WTP x (SS x Talon