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flame out

the snow came last night. and today. and tonight again. it has really made up for the delay. so far about 8 inches 20 cm of the stuff. i should add it was preceded by rain. so where it meets the ground and trees and such there is slush. heavy slush. slush that puts snow blowers to the fail test. slush that makes shoveling slow. slush the makes flame out. pictures of the flame bush after and before. and a white daylily that is decidedly from the warmer days of summer… and the 8 inches and Give Me Eight is a coincidence. one that i will not alter. energy needs be saved for the shovel…

yes winter

remember that peek-a-boo attitude ?  its winter.  am i here ?  or am i there ?  well winter is done playing around.  surprise !  i am really here.  if only i were not dog sitting this weekend.  the wind is blowing.  the snow is driven and packed.  i might have go out the front door in the morning.  and if it is still blowing like this the dog is likely to say – hey i’m done, lets get back in the house.  now !   it might just be a gooder day than i can begin to imagine.  stay indoors as much as possible.  and if the brain defrosts do a bit of garden dreaming.

12-1205-129 IL kid bi-tone

13-011-C 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain

snow brings blue sky

the morning after the snow and everything is blanketed in a heavy wet spring snow.  still tonight there are people without power.  heavy snow and power lines just do not go together.  on the ground in the garden the crocus and daffodils are patiently waiting for the sun to come back.  little circles of melt right around the plants.  and since it is nearly spring there is already enough warmth in the ground and the sidewalks and concrete melt away the snow on their own.  nine images…

14-052 10-106 Raspberry Sickle x (Old King Cole x Seedling) x Websters Pink Wonder

a warm shade

the snowflakes are flying outside.  when i look at this flower it takes me back to summer.  the lighter warm twinkling shades of summer.  and summer will come again.  with the faces and the twists of Asterisk.  six images…

asterisk IMG_0836 grdn asterisk IMG_2183 grdn 2asterisk IMG_2183 macro 1 asterisk IMG_2183 macro 2asterisk IMG_2183 det asterisk IMG_2507 det