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occurs twice a year.  on the shortest day and the longest day.  begins with sols – warm like the sun.  ends with ice. cold like snow.  where the sleapy author fits in is anybody’s guess.  will be back in the morning to sort the picture thingy out.  fare well and to all g.ood night.

i saw

i saw three flowers come blooming in…  the most blessed wishes of the season to you for the holiday you hold most dear.  each and every one of us.

11-000 dark n dark eye IMG_1487 macro 11-000 dark n dark eye IMG_1487 det_2 11-000 dark n dark eye IMG_1487 det 11-000 dark n dark eye IMG_1487 grdn

Solstice day

Monday December 22nd about two days from now the cycle will finish.  and a new cycle will begin.  days will stop getting shorter.  they will start getting longer.  the winter will begin and it will in time fade.  so far it has been a mild start to winter.  there was snow, a dusting, this morning.  and the next several days are forecast to be a bit warmer.  like every winter we will just have to sit back and see what winter will do.  one day at a time.  and then we will have to take the same approach to the garden.  watch the blooms one day at a time.  until then let us celebrate the solstice and the company of one another.  four perspectives…

fol de rol det img1714 fol de rol macro_2 img1714  fol de rol macro_3 img1714 fol de rol macro img1714

a rainy, very rainy solstice

by my memory at least rarely is the solstice this rainy.  and wetly it continues to drum on the roof.  and this time of year it is mostly good to complain about the rain.  for the other phrase starts with “if this was snow…”  and leads to it would be a lot of snow.   still have a few daylily pictures left from other gardens.  this name has me a bit puzzled.  i guess it translates to ‘good without thinking’.  personal interpretations are invited.  Extemporaneous Virtues  and speaking from the garden, welcome to the start of a new season.  3 images

cg extemperaneous virtues det

cg extemperaneous virtues det back petal

cg extemperaneous virtues det scene

solstice and the new year

fear and hope, that is what things come down to at this time of year.  the solstice is two days away as i write.  the christian holiday is 6 days away.  and the new year 13 days.   fear and hope that the shortening days will turn around and lengthen.  fear and hope that the world is not beyond redemption.   and fear and hope that the old year will end and a new one begin.  actually i simplified one of those a bit more than wanted for this post.  if you are at all familiar with the story of christmas it is a bit more than redemption.  the cast of characters is a bit wider.  of the two main characters on this plane, one is often forgotten.  the king who is little mentioned is filled with fear.  so much so that the visiting kings see right through this fear.  so at this time of shortening days, of growing fears, let us set down our fears and hold onto our hopes.  this is my prayer.  i hope it can be yours.

sally sue _IMG_2199 det

Purple in my garden

Somewhere out under that white show there is a little bit of purple potential resting in the garden.  We are six days past the solstice.  And about 180 days away from daylily bloom.  But who is counting.  Last spring on May 30 there were daylily blooms in the garden.  This one will show up a bit later in the season.  It is a seedling that I am watching mature.  A reddish purple base, a dark purple eye, and dark veins set off this flower.  It is a cross of Smoke Scream x Cerulean Star.  Yes winter has just started.  A little bit of purple reminds me that spring will come.

seedling 10-071 Smoke Scream x Cerulean Star

more prayers and another flower 5

I had hoped to post a flower a day as the solstice approached.  As it is so often none of us knows what today will bring.  The posts from the last several days have been in response to the events in Connecticut.   Words still mostly fail.   And this simple response is still what makes the most sense.

a prayer and a flower…. still.

for those who have been hurt and those who are still hurting may you find your way and honor your loved ones.DSCF6459


Do android daylilies dream of virtual gardens ?

A dedicated punster is never sheepish asking these questions for the shear pleasure of the pun.  Somehow a Norwegian Blue episode seems most appropriate on what is left of this tail.  However the maniacal mechanical daylily and Shakespeare deem that is is not to be.  With all this banter you would never know I really do want to talk about Android.  It is a dark flower, so I guess it will be dark dreams for the dark solstice.  Android is the child of two of my favorite flowers Black Plush and Fol de Rol.   And to continue the dreaming, now I can dream of new crosses with Android.  This Android plant does not look to be the end of the line!DSCF1122



Seedling – no me first !

freak show x colburg preview

Its grey.  It is rainy.  It is still eleven days until the solstice.  One flower each day is not too much to post.  Something to counter the grey days of winter.  This is a seedling that has been blooming in my garden.  It is a cross of Freak Show and Coburg Preview.  It is something to push back the grey.It is a tangle of three blooms.  None of them wanting the other to be first !  Instead of pretty in pink, perhaps this one is pushy in pink….  a good one to push away the grey !

Oh so not fading away

Two weeks to the solstice.  Counting the days, when we make the turn and the days start to grow longer again.   This is a seedling from this summer’s garden.  A first year bloom.  It was flagged and saved.  Moved to an evaluation bed.   First year blooms can be misleading.  They sometimes show things that do not return again.  Good thing that it has been tagged and flagged.  So if it does become a changeling we can remember how it looked and compare.   For now the words marvelous and not fading seem to do just fine….DSCF2243The cross is Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein.  We can slowly procede, the solstice, the winter, and days of spring.  We can wait for this beauty to return and grace the garden.  We can….

PS – Lavendar and dark purple mixed together do make pink – do they not ????