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spring is reaching out to us. it will touch us soon. so if you are tired of winter. if you are sheltering in place. if you need do something else. even if it is just for a moment. find a quiet place. find some hope. hold on to hope. you are worth fighting for…



some people have been reading the markers. flowers like snow drops, crocus, and others. daffodils will come next. they signal the march to spring. they guide people into the garden and to places like salisbury plain. places where we welcome spring. soon my earliest daffodil should be raising its tiny blossom. and tiny is the right word. while most daffodils are about 10 inches 25.4 cm this one is half as tall at best. and it is a good small start blooming our way into spring. the daily that is from last summer…

mud pies

rumor has it we have been involuntarily nominated as the next site for unending mud pies. oh and it rained again today. and tonight. and tomorrow morning. the good news – you never have to check the oven temp. just add water… fortunately day old pictures still work. astilbe an incredibly delicate looking plant. butterweed – which we really don’t want to get established here. a dandelion look alike. the home of the feisty house wren. the opening was too big and would let sparrows in – right until the wren barricaded with lots of twigs. and the black walnut tree is finally joining the rest of the trees and beginning to leaf out.


it was a sunny day today. and the peonies were in good shape after yesterday’s rains. a good reason to catch them at their best. peonies are a hardy perennial. these were planted forty years ago. they come back year after year. according to the web they flower for 7-10 days. it might be a bit longer overall if you have more than one variety. what ever the length of bloom they are totally worth the experience. that would include the peony petal snow as each flower brings down the curtain. and as you can see this first one is getting ready to dim the lights. the rest were in very good form today.

pitter patter

today was a pitter patter drizzly day. except for those moments of intense down pour. the ones when you stop digging and making mud pies and head for shelter. occasionally a moment of blue or two would peek through the clouds only to be swallowed up again by clouds. grey. it is a good thing there was a bunch of pictures the day before. muddy fingers are no good for cameras. astilbe, carnation poppy without the big red flower, with larkspur and yarrow. siberian iris, wisteria, and yellow and brown iris. all growing as happy as a kid playing in the mud.

or beneficial

or ?   why doesn’t the spell checker have a yoda detector ?  why !   because it is technology not nature.  it could start with pause.  and go to ‘or beneficial’.  and then again nature does not pause.  the lupine first bloom is going to seed and there are just two flowers left at the very top.  the wisteria is a tumble – a waterfall – of bloom cascading down.  the larkspur in the shadiest corner of the garden is blooming in the middle of itself.  not bashful just very secure in itself.  and the little white weed is not a weed at all.  a weed is something gardeners want to pull out.  and if you look at the close up you will see the miniature wasp that they attract.  a wasp that keeps things in balance in the organic garden.  a beneficial plant and its beneficial insects that come along wrapped in a wonderful package.   oh and one of those oh so delicate columbines – watch my moves…


flying jewels

yes that other miracle of spring has returned.  i have glimpsed it briefly in prior days.  today i got to view it for long moments.  it stopped to drink from the wood hyacinths, sampled a few columbine and zapped away in a green blur.  ruby throated hummingbirds are fast.  some day one might let me capture an image.  now a few more flowers from last summer.  aside from the fourth and fifth image the rest of these flowers are siblings.  plants sprouted from the same seed pod.  seven images…

13-007-002 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite – reverse bi-tone

13-007-003 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite – reverse bi-tone

13-102 Gudrid x Mascara Snake

13-007-004 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite – Orchid

13-007-004 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite

more rain

it rained today.  two separate lines of thunderstorms went through.  good soakers.  and it rained the last couple of days.  plants that came last thursday are still soaking in a bucket of water waiting to plant.  plant as soon as i am ready to make mud pies.  messy mud pies.  how did april showers get moved to may ?  they will get planted eventually.  now where are those spring pictures…

that spring thing

it is happening and happening.  i think someone found the turbo button.  and then they just stepped on it and stood there.  seven images…