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Starman’s Quest

it might seem a strange name for an earth bound flower. if one firmly believes a flower is earth bound…


this and that

a little of this and a bit of that.  first a progression of the flower.  Trahlyta, Starman’s Quest, and a seedling Starman’s Quest crossed with Stargate Portal.  Trahlyta is one of the parent plants of Starman’s Quest.  and a few images of the Starman’s Quest x Stargate Portal seeding.  the last of which the seedling attempts to exit stage right.  the camera man will attempt to dodge all responsibility for that trick.  perhaps poorly dodge.  and sometimes you go with what you got instead of what you wish you had.  some things photoshop cannot cure. five images…

12G-003 Starman’s Quest x Stargate Portal

tall and stellar

this purple is almost as tall as the one from the other night.  at 40 inches 101.6 cm it stands up there above most of the competition.  it has a dramatic color contrast.  and what can be described as a futuristic name – Starman’s Quest.  it is one that i want to keep working into my crosses.  that it is out of the Trahlyta line makes it harder for me to ignore.  for me it is quite the iconic flower.  both of them are.  three images…

starmans-quest-img_1856-macro starmans-quest-img_1856-det starmans-quest-img_1856-grdn


a seedling from Starman’s Quest and Stargate Portal.  and minimal yackaty yackaty.  four images…

12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal IMG_2715 macro_2 12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal IMG_2715 macro_1 12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal IMG_2715 det 12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal IMG_2715 grdn

a dash of chaos

pardon my misguided optimism.  there is a slight miniscule imperceptible chance that it is more than a dash of chaos.  i try to keep track of what plants and seedlings are in the garden.  and what plants have made it here to the blog.  there are plants that manage to evade that purpose.  when they are found they hopefully make their way here.  such is the case tonight.  Chesapeake Light has been here a year or two.  and if it is not too crowded by its neighbors and it is taken with our garden and clime should grow taller than that fence behind it.  it should also have more branching and flowers than it has shown in its short time here.  these are ifs that may come to be.  and not completely influenced by the plant.  my crowded garden and the northern Ohio climate do have an influence.  so we will watch what Chesapeake Light does in the coming years.  and think on what might be a good cross.  perhaps Starman’s Quest would combine to make some very interesting seedlings.  the two plants share some physical traits yet come from different genetic lines.  i will have to put that note into the anti-chaos note storage unit for next summer.  three images…

Chesapeake Light grdn IMG_0910 Chesapeake Light det IMG_0910 Chesapeake Light macro IMG_0910

Starman’s Quest

this is a first generation plant from Trahlyta.  and since all things Trahlyta tend to excite me, is it much of a surprise this one is also high on my list ?  it is a taller plant 40 inches 102 cm.  and it has a very big and dramatic eyezone.   or should i just say it blooms pretty ?  two images…

starman's quest macro starman's quest

some purple

this seedling has been here a while.  it is tall in the the 60 in 152 cm range.   it is a cross of Starman’s Quest and Walking the Pattern.  the question still remains – how will it mature ?  three images…

starman's quest x walking the pattern macro starman's quest x walking the pattern macro 001

starman's quest x walking the pattern det


this isn’t Ada

It would appear that there is a metaphysical twister out there somewhere.  and this post got drawn into said twister.  now if everyone will just hold on I will try this again….  and if you get lost close your eyes and click your heels together three times.  four times if three does not work.  now where we ? . . . .

Ada Kansas that isn’t to be precise…  it is only fitting that a seedling that traveled from Ada Kansas to Cleveland Ohio have a traveling name – or history.  the seedling is a cross of Starman’s Quest and Stargate Portal.  if those are not traveling names nothing is.  this is the second year for this plant here in the garden.  it has grown taller, about 4 feet tall and the branching is pretty good.  and the flower size is good, about 6 inches.  this year it send up a rebloom scape and that is why it is still blooming.  today’s bloom also happens to be a poly.  and from what i managed to count it is an odd poly.  at least the stamens are an odd count.  there are at least 8 petals and sepals.  and there may be an extra petal or sepal hiding.  though i would rather enjoy the flower and not the destructive counting contest.  and there are 9 stamens.  and if you look at the macro of the petal you might be able to see where the shadow creates a line where the diamond dusting stops.  some daylilies sparkle in the sunshine, aka diamond dusting.  so here is the flower.  three images.  enjoy.12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal det

12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal macro petal12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal macro stamenl


a measure of degrees

a measure of degrees between plants not the temperature.  in the garden changing the nature of a certain plant is usually a matter of degrees.  often the change is slight.  both of these two plants are seedlings of Starman’s Quest.  the first seedling has about the same size bloom and height as Starman’s Quest.  the branching might be a slight improvement.  might.  counts will need to be made this summer.  the second flower might have maintained better color than the first seedling.  we will see what kind of height it manages this summer now that it has had time to settle into its new home.  progress is a series of degrees.  some things are gained and some things are lost.  and some times the whole package of all those degrees of pluses and minuses come out a little bit ahead.  the real trick is the ability to notice a certain daylily has come out ahead and to hold onto that plant.

sf13 starman's quest x wtp det brnch sf13 starman's quest x wtp det

sf13 g12-003 starman's quest x stargate portal det

third dot

Tonight is the third dot.  Trahlyta is one parent of Starman’s Quest.  Which is one parent of Smoke Scream.  All three are grown here in the garden.  All three have been used to make crosses here in the garden.  Perhaps after looking at the three of them together it will give me a new perspective of these plants and the seedlings they have produced.

trahlyta det

trahlyta starman's quest smoke scream sbs