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connecting some dots

this is Starman’s Quest one of the parents of yesterday’s flower Smoke Scream.  Starman’s Quest is actually a little bigger than Smoke Scream, 7 inches vs 6.5.  So do not let the picture fool you.  the side by side comparison is a good way to see both the similarities and the differences.  tomorrow we will bring in one of the great grandparents.  and believe it or not i too get to see these and compare them in a way i have not done before.  so i just might pick up something new from this perspective.  first Starman’s Quest then a side by side image.

starman's quest det

starman's quest smoke scream sbs


we are not in Kansas anymore

There I go again.  Spending the night talking to Toto.  Hey Dorothy where are we now ?  Toto how many times do I have to tell you ?  We are walking down memory lane looking at last summer’s garden.  And no I don’t remember how we got here !  See any more sparkly red shoes ?  There is a dog biscuit in this for you !  Okay let’s drift back to last summer’s garden.  And flowers that are not in Kansas anymore.  And I for one am very glad this one has made its way to my garden, even if its mode of travel was very mundane.

12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal det

Pay no attention to the name.  It has nothing to do with how the flower arrived.  Starman’s Quest x Stargate Portal.  Thanks so much Debbie !

Starman and dark secrets

This is another seedling that bloomed for the first time.  It is a cross of Starman’s Quest and Walking the Pattern.  Starman’s Quest is a nice light purple flower with a dark purple eye zone.  Walking the Pattern is an all yellow flower that has Orchid Corsage in its genetic history.   More lavender, or light purple for anyone looking at the color history here.

This is the seedling.  I am suspecting that some of  the branch might come  from Walking the Pattern.  I will have to wait and look at Starman’s Quest later this summer to get a better idea on that.

sq wtp det

A bit of the branching on this seedling.

brnch sq wtp det

My darkest deepest secret…  the compost pile.  If you have read the about page you would see that organic is what we generally work at here in the garden.   Each daylily and even some of the other plants get a dose of compost when they are planted.  And as we weed and clean the yard the plants all go into the compost to enrich the soil.  The garden starts with the living dirt. And dirt is a misleading word.  It is more of a miniature forest of life.   All sorts of organisms creating a fabric that is unique to each location and micro environment.  Can you hug dirt ?

compost det