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after stop comes start.  start the new year.  six images…


A berry good idea for breakfast

Start breakfast with something that is good for you.  Before you eat that first meal feast your eyes on Blueberry Breakfast.

And for a snack afterwards check out the children Blueberry Breakfast has produced.  They come in other colors besides lavender.  Like yellow and white.  Two of the children are Dr. Strange Love  and Novarlis

Orichid, Rose, Daylily, Dandelion

Ask and expert what flower claims the most attention.

Poets will give you the rose.

Popular attraction will draw examples like the orchid.

I find the daylily most attractive.

And if you ask the young and uncomplicated the dandelion captures the imagination.

And there lies the key.  No matter the variety of flower, when we realize the miracle we are holding the imagination is set free. So the next time you have a chance –

Start and smell the roses
enjoy the many forms of the orchid,
set free the seed of the dandelion,
and briefly hold the moment of the daylily.