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something like a lighthouse.  except in the garden.  and who gets the message ?  it is intended for pollinators.  usually specific pollinators.  and sometimes guest visitors too.  meanwhile we come to watch too.   three images…



now that is a bright yellow.  a little too much for the camera to handle.  that could be why yellows dominate when seen across the garden and other colors – even bright red – are visually over powered.  three images…


sometimes forward is a difficult proposition.  and sideways becomes the option.  for the last several years i have been trying to cross a large yellow open form flower with anything that might make it more spidery or twisty.  as you are already guessing this has not worked out real well.  Strung Out – the large yellow flower – is mostly unimpressed by my efforts.  a couple of pods have been set on other flowers – just a very few – and Strung Out has so far resisted any seed pods on itself.  now this could all be from poor choices on my part for the other parent.  so when forwards did not work out sideways became the option.  Solar Music is a large round flower.  decidedly not spidery or twisty.  these two were crossed with each other.  the Solar Music pod x Strung Out pollen cross worked.  it is a rather large flower.  so now that we have moved sideways will forward again become an option ?  first the parents and then the seedling.  two images…

solar music sbs strung out

solar music x strung out


No more counting

AHH AHH AHH ( Thanks Count ! )  This flower will take us into spring.  Spring will be here on Wednesday, even if the temperature and the weather do not show it.  This flower is as yellow as any tulip or daffodil.   This is Strung Out a tall and shining nine inch yellow blossom.  It is strong enough to shout spring over what ever the weather delivers.

strung out

So welcome spring !  And no more counting for a while !