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a warm shade

the snowflakes are flying outside.  when i look at this flower it takes me back to summer.  the lighter warm twinkling shades of summer.  and summer will come again.  with the faces and the twists of Asterisk.  six images…

asterisk IMG_0836 grdn asterisk IMG_2183 grdn 2asterisk IMG_2183 macro 1 asterisk IMG_2183 macro 2asterisk IMG_2183 det asterisk IMG_2507 det

a spiral in the hand

is worth …..   a good look !    i am fairly sure this is a rex begonia.  it sure looks that way to me.  it is also spiraling.  the leaf does not so much end as fade into a smaller still growing spiral segment.  which if you are familiar with rex begonias each little piece of a leaf and vein is capable of becoming a new plant.  now let’s get back to that spiral and the leaf pattern. ain’t it just amazing ? ! ? !  oh and these are still from the garden we visited !  and if anyone asks just pretend this was not a math lesson.  three images.

rex begoinia spiral macro rex begoinia spiral det 2 rex begoinia spiral det

reflections of summer

Despite my showing single blooms in most pictures, in the garden daylilies usually bloom in a clump.  A cluster of blooms that lure you in to examine an individual bloom.  And that is how the journey around the garden begins.  The flowers pull you in and lead you from one onto the next.  This is a picture of a seedling.  A glowing summer morning.  It wraps up with a single bloom from the same seedling.

10-069 grapeade x am clmp


10-069 grapeade x am det_2


The cross is Grapeade x Autumn Minaret.