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not a name one might expect for a flower.  flowers do surprises too.  go into the garden and be surprised.  four images…

back in the ground

this plant spent the summer in a pot.  it was a gamble.  not enough garden this spring so it went into a pot.  and the bloom was a very pleasant surprise.  this fall a spot in the garden was found.   four images…

16-0629-001-purple-dip-ufo-macro2 16-0629-001-purple-dip-ufo-img_1902-macro 16-0629-001-purple-dip-ufo-img_1902-det

16-0629-001 purple dip ufo

16-0629-001 purple dip ufo

a measure of spring

please hold on tight while we readjust the garden…  we are back to familiar territory.  these are a few scenes around the yard today.  the scilla are in bloom.

blue scilla det

the daffs are done

daf spent

the columbine are ready.  it is probably the closest we can come to holding a cloud…

white columbine blossom

the daylily bud who wanted to be first is falling back into line waiting its turn

papper butterfly withered scape

the fuchsia are doing what they do best…

fuschia blooms

this is what humming bird bait looks like.  and i watched the little green lightning bolt come to rest on its nearby perch


the last of the buds on the lilac are ready to open


the earliest species daylily dortmundi is beckoning


and a seedling that surprised even me has claimed first place…  it planted itself and told me that doubles can be beautiful !

not doodle bug seedling IMG_7515

You have seeds

This is today’s bounty.   Thirty or so envelopes full of freshly harvested daylily seeds.   Walking around the garden looking for seed pods green and brown that have split open to reveal the little black jewels inside.  Some pods contain only one or two seeds and others contain 25 or more.  And some seeds are scattered long before I get there.

Soon will come the task of sorting and choosing.   Choosing which seeds will be planted.   And watching what surprises and miracles will emerge.

This is a case where it is not junk mail.  And a case where after a year or two a special delivery might just be discovered.

formerly crested…

Aren’t you glad I didn’t say cristate !  Cristate or crested it adds a zing that was not there.  No plain Jane – we are crested !

Crested is extra tissue growing on the petal.  Usually from the midrib.

Some plants crest without warning and on their own schedule.  Others do it all of the time.  Here are a few that like to surprise.

And on their own terms.  Two out of three petals suits this one just fine.

While the next one is more uniform, at least in terms of there being a crest on each petal.There will be no quiz tomorrow.  Unless “will there be more daylily pictures?” counts as a quiz.

dawn til dusk

Stuff happens.  Some stuff you grow to expect.  Then you see something different.

Daylilies do enjoy surprises.  Go figure.

This is the same daylily.  Morning image, late afternoon image, and a close up.

The name is Pigment of Imagination.  Kinda goes with the territory.

In time we will get used to it.

Can’t Do That, Shouldn’t Do That, Better Not Do That !

Them be the rules.   Read them !  You can’t do that !  Well I don’t know exactly where they are published, though they evidently exist in some minds.  Depending on your point of view that may or may not be a good thing.

Of course over the last few years I have observed that daylilies do not feel compelled to follow the rules.  Oops, did I forget to tell you to sit down first ?  Yes some do occasionally follow some rules.  Most likely only to give those who read the rules a false sense of confidence.

I have found it is much more interesting to mix things up a bit and see just what the daylilies will reveal.  Like mixing a very short yellow pink blend like Little Rainbow with a very tall lavender like Cerulean Star.  The surprise is pictured below.   It is just as tall as Cerulean Star and so much more purple.

Or a very old and tall plant with a little yellow four inch bloom  like Autumn Minaret and cross it with a modern mid height 8 inch bloom plant like Desert Icicle.  The seedling these two made is a bright yellow, brighter than either parent and tall like Autumn Minaret.  The bloom is somewhere between the size of both parents.Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret

Or lastly another throw back cross of Blast From the Past x another oldie Blue Lustre.   Blast From the Past is a plant recently created – but with roots that go back to 1949.  It is a child of ChallengerBlue Lustre is a bit newer, from 1980.   The mix is tall, about 6 feet tall,  and yellow in color crossed with mid height and purple.  The child of this mix is pictured below.blue lustre x blast from the past

I am not sure that I have learned too much beyond what the safe crosses following the rules would reveal.  At least nothing that was predicted by the rules.   The one thing I am sure of is the results are just as exciting.  Perhaps and possibly even more exciting.   Please remain seated until the ride comes to a full and complete stop.  Or just jump up and down with random ‘yee haaa’ if you see something you really like.  Discover new rules.  It can be fun.


Excuse me.   Is that a ponderous pulchritudinous pachyderm in your garden?  ( Now if that doesn’t dislocate your auditory nerve nothing will )   What ever are you talking about?  That.  That flower over there !   Oh that.  Why didn’t you say so.

That is just a Pigment of (your) Imagination !  Come back later and it will perplex you again.  What ?  Well if you come back later you will wonder where the flower you were looking at has gone.  Because it will have changed.

It is not often that you find a flower that changes color before the florist can get his hands on it.  Yet Pigment of Imagination does just that.   Over the course of the day it becomes for lack of a better term a fading violet.   No it is not shy.  And it does not just loose its purple.  Pigment of Imagination reveals different layers of color as it changes.  So at this point you are wondering where is this flower ?

Daylily - changing color through the course of the day

No it is not magic, or any chemical additive.  This daylily changes its color as the day goes on.   So believe your eyes.  It is not a figment of your imagination, it is indeed Pigment of Imagination.

Thanks to Richard Norris of Ashwood Gardens for the use of these images.  And even more for creating this beautiful daylily.