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Suzy Cream Cheese

this one is still blooming.  it is a bit short of 35 inches 89 cm height because of the earlier season lack of rain.  this is a gorgeous flower.  it would be nice to see what happens when this one is crossed with the slightly taller and later blooming flower from the other night.  and there is still plenty of time to make that cross.  enough buds waiting to bloom and enough time for pods to ripen.  three images…

Suzy Cream Cheese 20160815_174259 macro Suzy Cream Cheese 20160815_174259 det Suzy Cream Cheese 20160815_174259 grdn

not yet

on april 1 the a to z challenge starts.  and until then every named flower starts me thinking i might be using up a letter.  who knows i just might accidentally use one up.  with something like 550 names to choose i could possibly do that.  then again a month or so later i might not remember or even better no one will care if it is reused.  for now let’s just take it to the edge, Suzy Cream Cheese.  five images…  some of them are from the edge too.

Suzy Cream Cheese img 5211 grdn Suzy Cream Cheese img 5211 det Suzy Cream Cheese img 5211 macro_3 Suzy Cream Cheese img 5211 macro_2 Suzy Cream Cheese img 5211 macro_1



keep it simple and find a picture.  it is time to make the switch from what is blooming to what bloomed earlier this summer.  and this flower covers that transition.  one picture is recent and one goes back to earlier in the season.  somewhere between the weather , the light, the photographer, and the flower being less and less cooperative the time has come to make that change.  and while the recent image does not look all that bad, those opportunities are declining daily.  so here is Suzy Cream Cheese blooming recently and from warmer times this summer.  three images

suzy cream cheese det late

suzy cream cheese det IMG_6404 macro

suzy cream cheese det IMG_6404


walking the garden

the end of summer garden walk takes on a slightly different purpose.  there are still some flowers to see.  though right now the zinnia and marigolds are still going strong.  as for the daylilies each day another one has bloomed its last bloom.  more seed pods are ready for picking.  the clock is ticking.  where today there are 15 or 20 blooms are straggling along,  it will not be long before it is 5 or 10.  Challenger, Suzy Cream Cheese, Blast From the Past, Woodchopper’s Ball, Neverending Summer and Boogie My Woogie Baby are holding the stage with a bunch of seedlings and sooner or later one of them will be the last bloom standing.  the picture is Woodchopper’s Ball a 60 inch 152 cm plant with a 4 inch 10.2 cm bloom.  two images

woodchoppers ball macro woodchoppers ball det IMG_6553

yellow curls

this is a yellow seedling.  a seedling with curls.  a touch of yellow, a touch of green, a touch faded pigment.  it is a first year seedling so it will do with a little more watching to see how it matures.  it should be fun to watch.  the cross is 12_037((11-0822-A Blast From The Past x Radiation Biohazard) x Suzy Cream Cheese)

sf13 12-037 11-0822-A Blast From The Past x Radiation Biohazzard) x Susie Cream Cheese det

sf13 12-037 11-0822-A Blast From The Past x Radiation Biohazzard) x Susie Cream Cheese petal det

Late to the party ?

Let’s keep this simple.  The past 3 or 4 weeks many daylilies have been blooming.  Now they are starting to wind down.  It is time for the ‘lates’.  These are the daylilies that bloom after all the early daylilies are tired out for the season.

One of the late season daylilies is Suzy Cream Cheese.The party is not over yet…

Not an Itsy Bitsy Spider

This is Pink Super Spider.  It is not an arachnid.  It is from the botanical kingdom.

Pink Super Spider was released back in 1982.  It is a large pink spider – where spider describes the general shape of the flower.  Spiders are blooms with generally skinny petals.  Pink Super Spider was named and introduced several years before the actual spider class was defined.   Under the current rules its petals are too wide to be properly described as a spider.

Some people would argue with a tarantula too.  Too heavy for a web – so it can’t be a spider.

Like the tarantula, Pink Super Spider wins the argument too.

If you would like to see what a spider looks like by today’s standards, then take a look at Suzy Cream Cheese..