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we needed it.  it rained over night and until about noon.  a good rain that had time to soak into the ground.  that was the good news.  the bad news that accompanies that rain… wet pollen.  there was no pollen dabbing today.  this is a cross of Thais and Cameroons.  rich and contrasting shades of purple.  four images…

11-026 Thais x Cameroons IMG_2546 macro 2 11-026 Thais x Cameroons IMG_2546 macro 1 11-026 Thais x Cameroons IMG_2546 det

11-026 Thais x Cameroons

11-026 Thais x Cameroons

milk mustache ?

some people have called the light grey eye zones chalky.  this one has some of that and a touch of purple too.  either way it is interesting.  and a few moments more observation and the uneven chiseled edge starts to take over.  there are moments when i like to think of it as a frosty crystal milk mustache.  two images – Thais

thais macro thais det

a purple question

this is a seedling from my garden.  the seedling bed gets more shade than the rest of the garden.  and this seedling is a dark purple.  the purple question is :  will the color hold against the full sun?  the answer will come this summer when the seedling and the sun get together again.

cameroons x thais det

for a picture of the seedling and parents look here.  Cameroons x Thais

winter dreams

a picture of one of this summer’s seedlings.  and a picture of the two parents.  often – at least for me – a cross is made and an idea of the hopes and direction a flower might take are in your mind.  so when this cross was made there was a hope that the grey eye of Thais might be carried along in the new seedling.  what the base color of the petals might be is anyone’s guess.  even when you have long experience crossing two plants there is always an element of surprise.  that one seedling that has its own directions.  well the grey eye did come along for the seedling.  and the combination of purple and pink petals from the parents worked out to an interesting shade half way between pink and purple, often called orchid.  now i have the winter to dream and plot what flowers might make that next generation cross with this beauty…

Thais and Flower Shop

thais n flower shop sbs

thais x flower shop det 2

the seedling   Thais x Flower Shop

a seedling and parents

This is a picture of Cameroons crossed with Thais.  This morning the seedling looks very interesting.   In a couple of years we will see if the seedling can hold up to the test of time and to keeping my interest.  First the parents

cameroons thais sbs


and now the seedling.  I think I have seen Cameroons with bluer purple days, can’t say the same for Thais.  Then again that is part of the fun of daylily watching.

cameroons x thais det

puzzles with missing pieces

Rather than flat cardboard puzzles, or online brain teasers I frequently find myself playing this game.   A seedling where some of the information is hidden and some is revealed.  These are the parts of this puzzle.  And it is one where pounding the piece into place seldom works.   The players are Old King Cole, and anonymous seedling shortly since lost to mystery and antiquity, Raspberry Sickle and a decision on the next player in this game.

Old King Cole (left) was crosses with what is now an anonymous seedling (middle).    The seedling from that cross ( also anonymous ) was crossed with Raspberry Sickle ( right).

okc x anon x rs sbsThis last cross produced these two seedlings.  They both have a bit of a toothy edge and both have what I choose to call muted colors.

okc x anon x rs 2 sdlg sbsClose inspection of the flower on the right will show the bits of color are little individual dots of color.  Georges Seurat might even have been amused at nature imitating art.  Or was it always the other way around ?   So here I sit thinking about the coming summer and who might be the next candidates to bring together.   Should these two siblings be introduced to one another ?  Or perhaps a cross out to something like Thais ?  Just another piece of the ever changing puzzle.

thais det

back to the far east or a myth ?

I have posted about this daylily before.  Yet it was a while ago and it was focused on another aspect.  This is another of Bill Munson’s daylilies with a name from around the globe or perhaps mythology.  Either way it will give me something to contemplate.  Ambiguous can be good.  It can make us look and think, and that is not a such a bad habit to cultivate.  So look on this one with its slate blue eye and decide if it will make you travel the globe or tales of myth.  Thais !


It is still making hybridizers travel the garden of excite.  There are 21 daylilies to date that carry some of these genes*.  Make it 10 blooms until spring !

* at the bottom of advance search enter Thais in the parentage

Do give me that look

Eyes can be a perplexing experience.  They can talk without words.  They can silently call you across a room or a garden.

They can capivate.

This is the look of Thais.