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computer says reboot.  those kinky inexplicable things that happen when memory overflows and it is time to reboot.  and perhaps call it a night and sleep too.  enjoy

14-109-B DC x Scandinavia


long and short.  and somewhere between.  this flower has been here for several years.  it blooms at the end of the season.  usually too quickly.  a few years ago i moved it to a slightly better spot.  this year it did not bloom so quickly.  translation more blooms.  could it be slowing the wheels of time ?   a little perhaps !  three images…

dawn til dusk

Stuff happens.  Some stuff you grow to expect.  Then you see something different.

Daylilies do enjoy surprises.  Go figure.

This is the same daylily.  Morning image, late afternoon image, and a close up.

The name is Pigment of Imagination.  Kinda goes with the territory.

In time we will get used to it.