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cold morning

so i guess.  i could check the weather history.  the picture carries a date.  for now the guess will do.  two different images of Tom Maloney.  one has spent flowers.  one has the spent flowers removed.  each carries a different kind of visual noise.  so is one cleaner ?  or are they each telling a story a different way ?  and two more to push the story in other directions.


Tom again

last year close to this time Tom Maloney was blooming.  actually it was on September 6th.  now the plant has started to bloom again.  the first bloom was a day or two ago.  there is a good chance this will be one of the last daylilies blooming when the season ends.  three images…

tom maloney macro tom maloney det IMG_4974 tom maloney grdn IMG_4974

tom’s flower

this flower was named for Tom.  not by me.  it was named by the man who hybridized it.  it is a late blooming flower.  it is its first year here.  so it is not yet as tall as its registered height of 53 inches 134.6 cm.  and i don’t think the bloom is quite 7.5 inches 19 cm.  though it might be close to that size.  so here is one of the flowers still blooming.  Tom Maloney  two images

tom maloney macro

tom maloney