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too not enough ?  too much ?  too something else?  or too much what is expected ?  or too many questions ?  some flowers are all color.  some are all white.  this one is nearly white except where it is not.  little bits of color here and there.  some would say not enough color.  some would say too much color.  some days when i see it, most days when i see it the color is just  completely right.  three images…

11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream



too long a day.  nah – discard on that.  too orange, not likely.  too common – says who ?  too spent a flower ?   too much out of the ditch and along the fence ?  too red an eye ?  too close for comfort – really.  too many excuses – double nah.  or perhaps not creative enough ?  too vein ?  could there be more red veins in this ?  or just too much delay before the picture ?   … or pictures, 4.  too beautiful.  oh and it was just long enough a day in the northern hemisphere.  the longest day of the season.  happy solstice.  too!

orange ditch lily spent IMG_8158 orange ditch lily fence line orange ditchlily det orange ditchlily macro