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tonight’s flower has a dusting.   the base color of the flower is yellow.  and the sepals particularly have a dusting of red.  some of that dusting even creeps onto the edge of petals.  and it helped me find my place in the garden.  and remember the name of yesterday’s flower – Custard Candy.  three images of Unique Style…



tonight is an excellent night to listen to the Lord of the Rings.  it is also an excellent night to handily beat the computer at a few rounds of sleep mode.  strangely enough these two activities go hand in hand  with find a picture and do not get too wordy.  so whilst enjoying a lucid moment and ignoring the whining of the computer for a grudge match of sleep mode now seems to be the moment of slight elaboration.  and that too would be the story of tonight’s flower.  slight elaboration.  as in just a dusting along the edge.  Unique Style   one image

unique style det