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find a picture.  wake up repeatedly to late night tv.    demonstrate extreme dedication.   yes that is irony talk for fall asleep again.  finding a picture is tougher than it sounds.  finally get around to some typing.  somewhere in there make sure some time has passed since the picture was last seen.  add pictures.  declare a victory of sorts.  oh and resort to somnolence without said electronic device.  two images .  Salem Witch.  PS – do not try this somewhere where you do not want to wake up….

salem witch det salem witch macro




shades of white

might as well enjoy the peonies while they last.   there are hints of other colors here, some yellows and pinks.  mostly it is white.  and those strange pink ovaries that could easily sneak into an alien adventure film.  or gracefully center this flower.  however you describe it there is a lot of something to see.  three images

white peony det white peony petal macro

white peony ovaryl macro

a quiz

one i will sit out.  take quick look.  read the short text.  close your eyes an inhale.  remember the scent of mock orange.  one that i will take anyone else’s word.  a little flower with a far reaching impression.  that is unless you are me.  i will be satisfied with the simple visual beauty and take your word on the wonderful scent that surrounds this flower.

mock orange det




it is a lawn.  it is not just grass.  and i like it that way.  we don’t use chemical additives.  and we really don’t bother fertilizing either.  mowing will control the lawn.  and we enjoy a blend of other plants.  so we do not panic at the sight of dandelions, violets, or clover.  and while it is not the first it is one it is a forerunner.  the season of little white and pink lawn flowers is upon us.  and the bees will be happy to find them.  and i will be happy to see the bees working the lawn.  it should be more than a path between the flower beds.

clover det clover macro

a mohawk and a tatoo in the garden

i look at this flower and one of the things i see is a two tone mohawk and a tattoo.  and part of me says don’t go there.  another part of me looks at the observation and says perhaps this is a part of the function of gardens.  they can serve as a reminder that diversity and change are important.  and  that cookie cutter familiarity is not only boring, it does not meet every need.  if that answer does not sit well take a good long look at mother nature and see if her answer does not include diversity and change.

purple and white iris macro purple and white iris det

a change in perspective

looking down like the hawk we see this…

white lupin top view

and coming down from the heights we would see this…

White lupin side view IMG_7501

it is a white lupin.  these reseed themselves here in the garden.  they bloom for a season or three and then another one will take its place…  three images.

white lupin multiple blooms IMG_7500

lastly it is memorial day here in the states.  a day where we remember veterans who have given their life in defense of our country.  and even though the day does not call for it, it is also worthy to give thought to those individuals who came back changed and harmed.  prayers.


this is one of the wild flowers from the weekend.  this one defines delicate.  simple white blossoms and little green leaves that are hardly bigger than the flower.  the stems – well they are hardly there at all.  enjoy

anemone macro

anemone det

is it dark yet ?

the weather cooperated today.  even if the schedule did not.  got to spend an unscheduled all nighter last night.  that would explain the late post this morning.  and then slept in.  called the tow truck to get me out of bed this afternoon and slowly got moving.  it was a cool yet sunny day.  and it was time to get some alphalpha to add to the garden.  rabbit pellets (feed) are mostly alphalpha.  and besides being enjoyed and endorsed by rabbits they make an excellent garden additive.  alphalpha contains an natural plant growth hormone.  it also adds to the soil and keeps the worms happy.  well it seems to increase their numbers – happy or not.  so a few of the plants that were dug and spent the winter as a ball of soil sitting above ground were replanted this evening.  then it got dark and the idea of coming in from the garden seemed to take on greater wisdom.  spring continues and the garden might even be ready by summer.

plant soil balls det

white daff det

white daff collar det