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a ringing in my springing

can you hear it ?   the ringing in my springing ?  it is a wet day today.   yet it does not diminish the ringing.  somethings go with the rain quite well.  and it has been just a rain here today.  the storms have calmed.  prayers for those who faced the storms.  and now to that ringing…

virginia bluebells buds macro

virginia bluebells det

virginia bluebells leaves wet

Virginia Bluebells in after the rain…



spring ephemeral

this past weekend we made it down to the metropark.  it was sunny and brisk.  the bloodroot that i looked for three weeks ago was finally blooming.  a single glorious flower cloaked by a single leaf.  the bloodroot has something in common with daylilies too.  the petal count can be variable, anywhere from 8 to 12 petals.  dare i go with just the bloodroot ?  i dare…  after all this plant dares to get by with a single leaf.

bloodroot bud det  bloodroot det

enjoy the day and find a picture

get upp early.  enjoy a good breakfast.  go to Red Cross and donate platelets.  return home and see clear blue skies and temps in the 40s farenheit.  go for 3 hour walk.  short break.  go with wife on 1:45 walk.  try keep up with wife.  repeatedly fall behind.  pass out till now.  find pictures that are not blood root.  everything is 2-3 weeks late.  show other pictures.  find daylily picture.  call it a night.  so here are the not blood root pictures.  something that is the smallest flower ever seen poking from the leaf litter.  and a few and i do mean just a few Colt’s Foot flowers.  and no the daylily is not blooming here today.  just a few crocus are blooming.  no daffs yet either.  and it was one pretty blue sky day !  and yes we are still looking at Smoke Scream seedlings…

tiny tiny flower  colt's foot



sf13 smoke scream x diablolique det

Lawrence Woods

Rhino tree

Last Saturday we went to see the Rhino Tree of Lawrence Woods.

The wild flowers of the Black Swamp were in bloom.

The buzzards were circling, the sun was shining.

It was a glorious day in the woods.

The trillium were still in bloom, including weeping trillium.weeping trillium

The May Apples and the Hawthorn were in blooming too.

And the Swallowtails were posing in the grass.

A magnificent and totally wild garden.

a swallowtail in the grass