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if you look what will you find ? images from the garden. images for the looking. nature for the finding. the tall bearded iris started blooming today. and the small white dwarf iris are near done. they held one surprise. iris are like daylilies and many other flowers. they come with three sets of petals. except when they do not. it is not too unusual for daylilies to have and extra petal or two. like the four leave clover you must look for them. does this happen often with iris ? i do not know. it is the first time i have encountered one. then there are petunias which look wet yet they are not. and lastly the wisteria vine is ready to reap its retangle. then again that is what some vines do best. and it is a place where the cardinal likes to make its nest.

or beneficial

or ?   why doesn’t the spell checker have a yoda detector ?  why !   because it is technology not nature.  it could start with pause.  and go to ‘or beneficial’.  and then again nature does not pause.  the lupine first bloom is going to seed and there are just two flowers left at the very top.  the wisteria is a tumble – a waterfall – of bloom cascading down.  the larkspur in the shadiest corner of the garden is blooming in the middle of itself.  not bashful just very secure in itself.  and the little white weed is not a weed at all.  a weed is something gardeners want to pull out.  and if you look at the close up you will see the miniature wasp that they attract.  a wasp that keeps things in balance in the organic garden.  a beneficial plant and its beneficial insects that come along wrapped in a wonderful package.   oh and one of those oh so delicate columbines – watch my moves…


a confused dance

that would be me.  confused.  there are daylily scapes all over the garden.   each day there are several, many more.   in not too many days they will start blooming.  for now there seems to be one plant blooming and you have already seen Knower Spider.  and no matter how much i enjoy seeing it bloom it just might be a bit too much to repost.   i am beginning to think that most of the daylilies will bloom in a week and a half or two weeks.  it was mostly a cool spring.  so i should stop expecting early.  even if a few daylilies ignored the cool.  the rest will bloom when they are ready to dance.  that does not mean i will stop looking each day.  it could be the dance is in my blood.  so what have we skipped ?   there is the bloom, the mature bloom of the wisteria…   three images…

wisteria vine


wisteria cluster det wisteria bloom macro

out with the old…

… in with the new.   some plants lend themselves to this theme.  the wisteria is one.   the burst seed pods from the previous season are still there on the vine.  and at the same time the new buds are right there beside them.  it will take a while for those new buds to open into blossoms.  for now these two elements are enough.

wisteria spent seed pod IMG_7344 wisteria new bud det wisteria bud macro

Mysteria wisteria

This wisteria vine went missing a few years back.  We thought it was gone for sure.  Then a couple of years ago it came back.  And it seems to be doing okay now.   Kinda like last night’s post.



Wisteria can be a fickle plant.  Some years blooming wonderfully and others blooming hardly at all.   And here it is in the yard, off to the left.  And yes the daylilies are putting out leaf and  pushing up bloom scapes.   If you are inclined to squint real hard there are some in the foreground just to the right of the path.

yard det