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what do you say after bibbity bobbity boo ?

well if you did just say bibbity bobbity boo and you are possibly able to get off by claiming you were about to audition for a part in a theatrical production about that wanna be princess ?  failing that you might claim to be discussing daylilies with a musical name.  personally i will opt for a simple ‘whoops !’ with i might add strong and dramatic sincerity.  and then move right along into a discussion of the last remaining witch daylily in a garden way up in Ohio.   a daylily that has origins down in the sunshine state.  so without further ado and no bibbity boo here is Witch Stitchery.   Descended from a Paper Butterfly this flower has an eye that should catch yours.  you decide, is it a bit of magic ?

witchery stitchery det