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yellow with an on switch

this flower is a strong yellow.  saturated.  and sunlight only seems to pour more yellow onto it.  a yellow to shake the chill of winter.  a yellow for a dark cold night and the gray day that follows.  three images…

yellow-img_1916-macro yellow-img_1916-det yellow-img_1916-grdn


10 reasons:

  • it is dark tonight and flowers release light
  • it is cold today and flowers carry the memory of warm
  • nature does not need crayons, water, or a brush for its canvas
  • flowers transport us into the garden
  • today red does not mean stop
  • for a moment the petal is a splash
  • or is it a surge ?
  • do not take it apart, put the flower back together
  • it cannot be taken apart
  • it is

6 perspectives…

prague spring x fol de rol IMG_1712 grdn

prague spring x fol de rol IMG_1712 macro_1 prague spring x fol de rol IMG_1712 macro_2 prague spring x fol de rol IMG_1712 macro_3 prague spring x fol de rol IMG_1712 macro_5prague spring x fol de rol IMG_1712 macro_4

beauty for a day

from the Greek Hemerocallis.  and just for a day.  then the flower fades into a dripping mess and quickly dries to a wisp.  moving yesterday’s flower left the ‘ink’ you see on my hand.  and there is little question to the size of this little beauty.  a cross of Nutmeg Elf x (Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard.  a strange combination that seems to have worked out just fine.  once it is moved from the relative shade of the seedling bed it too will play just fine in the sun.  three images…

Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard  grdn IMG_4967

Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard det Nutmeg Elf x(Blue Lustre x Radiation Biohazard macro


point of order

i have occasionally heard complaints about the color yellow and its association with certain beautiful flowers.  as if there could be too many yellow flowers.  heck there is even a flower named ‘Just Another Yellow’.  i am guessing there is a bit of irony involved in that choice.  when the day arrives that too many yellow flowers grace the garden, so much so that their glowing brilliance chases me from the garden, perhaps then i just might consider there is a tad too much yellow.  until then i will choose to live in denial.  that is denial.  not de Nile.  i am strongly allergic to hippos and crocs.  and now to wander gracefully back to yellow… three images  oh and the cross is Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rol

Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rol  garden IMG_1569


Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rol det IMG_1569 Carmine Ibis x Fol de Rolmacrot IMG_1569



floral equivalent ?

this flower has been called buttercup around here.  though i think it is best called sundrop.  it does bare a resemblance to the evening primrose, most notably the cross shaped stigma.  so anyway back to the question posed… please look at the close up.  and tell me what you see.  my answer will be after the images.

sundrops det

the calyx is the red green covering before the bloom opens

sundrops macro

and as the bloom opens it is pushed aside.

sundrops macro 2

from this angle – flower on the left…

it looks like …

and outtie belly button.   did i say there was a right answer… or a wrong answer ?


Charlotte’s brood

the hose caddy was a nursery.  most of the nursery was moved to the Canadian Hemlock tree  and the hose caddy has made its crumbling way to the trash heap.  of course it was quite a pleasant surprise to find Charlotte’s brood there on the handle of the hose caddy.  i have no idea what variety arachnid Charlotte was.  you can make your best guess from the image what her brood will become.   i am not an arachnid expert.  other than knowing that they are welcome and most definitely belong in the garden.  we are about two miles south of lake Erie.  that means there are an abundance of insects that live around the lake.  and unlike the deer there are an abundance of predators to feast on this bounty.  arachnids, odonates, chiroptera, and avians the list goes on and on.  this morning i saw a very slow predator in the garden.   a leopard, just not the kind you might suppose.  it is a limax maximus.  all part of the garden.  a healthy garden.  my kinda garden.  so without further ado Charlotte’s brood.  i hope to see a few of them later in the season.  and if they should make you cringe remember they are a part of the package.  so just take a step back and enjoy them from a safe distance.  and if you find yourself thinking this list is harmful please take a moment and take a careful look at the alternatives.  and reconsider…

charlotte macro charlotte's brood charlotte's shadow puppets

old iris

these iris were here in the yard when we moved here some 35 years ago.  they might have been old back then.  they are of middle height and flower size.  still their bright yellow does add to the color of the garden and provide contrast to the columbine, lupine, and wood hyacinth.  and for all of their simplicity in the face of the more modern iris they are still very graceful.  if i could imagine a jellyfish billowing and flowing through the air this is the flower that could do that.  its petals do not sit still, old or not there is something to this flower.

iris yellow macro iris yellow det

the early daylily

the scientific name is Hemerocallis minor.  it is the first to bloom under normal circumstances.  it is a bright yellow flower that ushers in the rest of daylily season.  it is born on small plant and the flower is in a similar scale.  the bloom season for this plant is a brief two to three weeks.  it started blooming here a few days ago.  while its reign in the garden may be short it foretells the arrival of all its kin.

hemerocalis minor early lily IMG_7364


no this is not a latin quiz.  it is a name for a wild flower, aka bellwort or bellflower.   in the wild it sometimes grows on steep hillsides where taking a picture will make your spider skills tingle.  unfortunately my spider skills were somewhere safe at home and this picture will have to do.   enjoy the uvalaria, er bellwort !

bellwort det