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so i said

it is starting.  both.  the garden is unfolding into spring.  the aquila bloom.  the iris scape.  and my thoughts go more and more to crosses that might be made.  there is a secret garden locked away with in the flowers.  waiting to be discovered by those lucky enough to stumble into it.  just as exciting as working at the lab in jurasic park with a whole lot less chance of ending up on the menu.  here are a couple of flowers.  one older than me – someone did mention dinosaurs… and one not quite so old.  Fantasia and Zoot Sims.  many would not be so excited by Fantasia.  they might explain we have come so much farther.  i would answer look closer and look again.  Zoot Sims is bigger and spidier.  Fantasia and Zoot Sims both have qualities that can be explored.  indeed spring is here.  several images…

fantasia img 8538 grdn fantasia and zoot sims IMG_1304 clumps fantasia img 9848 det fantasia img 9848 macro_2 fantasia img 9848 macro


z is

z is the end of the alphabet.  z is the month of april.  z is so much closer to bloom season.  z seemed a long ways a way and now it is so close.  z is Zoot Sims.  z is an orange spidery bloom in my garden.  and z is staged because the weekend is z busy one.  responses when the weekend slows down.  and yes Zoot looks different on different days.  four images…

zoot sims macro Zoot Sims IMG_0015 grdn zoot sims det zoot sims det




the daylily is Zoot Sims.  a bold red and yellow pattern.  and tetraploid and tall and pinched and skinny.  so why have i not figured out what it should be crossed with ?  some contemplation and pairing is required.  the standard answer in this garden… there is more to this flower.  so how can we discover this ?  perhaps this summer.  one image.

zoot sims det


What is in a daylily name ?

Daylilies named for many reasons.  Named for friends in the gardening community or just dear friends.  They have been named in honor of political and historical figures.  Or even for fictional characters from all the various arts.  This one has been named to honor a jazz musician, Zoot Sims.   This is the daylily.  Does it somehow carry the music ?  Or is it simply something special that in its own way helps us remember someone who left a mark in the world of jazz ?

zoot sims det

The garden, a place for planting many things.  A memory.  A tune….