more flowers different garden.  on to Dayton.  it is not just the home of the Wright brothers. it is also a great place to see daylilies.  one of the gardens is Natural Selection Daylilies.  there is a link below to the right.  just give it some time, the site is being updated with newer and prettier daylilies.  here are some pictures from the new garden.  some are obvious.  the first one is not.  perhaps not.  or perhaps i presume too much.  if you are familiar with bird garglers – please act surprised.  if you are not it is a fancy and avian traumatizing nesting device.  and with that on to the images.  several…

nsb bird gargler IMG_9893 nsb time began in a garden IMG_9894

nsb 9901 macro2 nsb 9901 macro nsb 9899 macro nsb 9899 det nsb 9897 macro nsb 9897 det


One thought on “m.f.d.g.

  1. TamrahJo

    Sharing – so you can LOL at me – looked up bird garglers – and then thought, “Hmmm…I’m a bird – I arrive at Tamrah Jo’s yard – I see an array of pretty birdhouses made from reclaimed wood – painted with non-toxic chalk paint – BUT then, I see scary monster with sharp teeth and doesn’t that look safer/more fun as a house?” Guess it’s a good thing I’m not a bird – 🙂


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