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a gardener in north east ohio. Mostly organic, I used to have a vegetable garden. Now except for the raspberries it is mostly flower garden. And more and more that is becoming mostly daylilies. With a sprinkling of other things here and there.


measure.  plan.  observe.  watch.  measure frequently.  photograph.  this flower is this flower under a different light and on a different day.  did i see what i thought i saw ?   or did i see what i hoped to see ?  is it really at the level i hoped to see it ?  did the quality of the light in the darker picture over emphasizing some of the colors and the pattern of coloration ?  perhaps.  could a similar coloration be achieved in brighter lighting ?  perhaps.  are there crosses that could be made to reinforce that trait ?  perhaps.  simply repeat the chant that opened this post.  three images and a dark link…  and as said on another dark night – there is no room for hate.


this plant could have another name.  when many  of its garden counterparts are done for the season this plant is not.  so it could just as easily be called ‘at the right time’.   the name chosen works quite well – Running Late.  and when you have a bounty of pretty why argue about a name ! ? !   three images…



long and short.  and somewhere between.  this flower has been here for several years.  it blooms at the end of the season.  usually too quickly.  a few years ago i moved it to a slightly better spot.  this year it did not bloom so quickly.  translation more blooms.  could it be slowing the wheels of time ?   a little perhaps !  three images…


there is no place for hate.  there is no justification for hate.  there is no excuse for hate.  there is only a void.  a place with no rational explanation.  no fire.  no fury.  just empty.  just a lie.  in a place where there should not be a lie.  this is not the place for hate.


these flowers both have extra petals and sepals.  one has an extra set of petals and sepals.  so there is a total of four petals and four sepals.  the other one has a complete extra flower.  it is two flowers fused together.  instead of three petals and three sepals there are six of each.  and while i cannot quite find that 12th stamen there are two pistils.  four images…

very full

this is Substantial Evidence.  it is full form.  the petals and sepals overlap and form a mostly solid disk.  the petal tips don’t quite fold back under.  though they mostly want to do just that.  the petals are also very stiff – ‘substantial’ if you will.  and the yellow pigment has for lack of a more precise term a smokey grey quality here and there.  so what am i doing crossing this flower to things skinny ?  the usual.  trying for the strange cross with the unexpected result.  four images…


comes to saturday…

13-007-004 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite – Orchid