find a picture

there i am back to basics.  okay so it is a tad boring.  okay very boring.  okay okay i have talked too much and am holding back on the flowers.  you’re right that is definitely not okay okay.  without further bad excuses the flower.  five images…

puprle drk eye img 2021grdn puprle drk eye img 2021 det puprle drk eye img 2021 macro_3 puprle drk eye img 2021 macro_2 puprle drk eye img 2021 macro_1

we don’t need

another vogon.  sorry they came back.  then they saw that we are trying to swipe that interchange job right out from under them.  and us.  however that is a much longer and sadder story.  let’s hope it does not have an even shorter ending.  i think this is part where i work my way to flowers and a counterbalance.  i hope.  therefore i garden.  five images…

pink chalk eye img2196 grdnt pink chalk eye img2196 det pink chalk eye img2196 macro_3 pink chalk eye img2196 macro_2 pink chalk eye img2196 macro_1


did you know titles are sometimes more difficult than finding a picture ?  and i just went and used a really good one.  42   perhaps a flower for vogons will be another option.  weaker yet still an option.  so now that the sticky wicket of the title is out of the way can we get to the flower ?   six images…

14-000 drk spdr IMG_2195 grdn 14-000 drk spdr 2195 det 14-000 drk spdr 2195 macro_4 14-000 drk spdr 2195 macro_3 14-000 drk spdr 2195 macro_2 14-000 drk spdr 2195 macro_1


specifically Mera’s Magic.  and february mostly needs all the magic it can get.  today’s 55 degrees fahrenheit temperature does not do much to change that opinion.  the average temperature is 35.  this weather is not even good for winter sports.  five images…

Mera's Magic

Mera’s Magic

Mera's Magic img 2115 det Mera's Magic img 2115 macro_3 Mera's Magic img 2115 macro_2 Mera's Magic img 2115 macro_1

better wordless

or almost.  or just imagined nearly wordless.  much better than flowerless.  i have it on good opinion.  a collection of images.  one garden shot and three purples from the same general vicinity.  two of them were not quite as happy as the other.  then again mother nature subscribes to a whole nother set of rules.  long term survival, possibly against conditions we have a hard time understanding.  enjoy.  six images…

grdn IMG_0994 puprple img 0998 macro_1 puprple img 0998 det1 puprple img 0997 det1 puprple img 0996 det puprple img 0996 macro_1

sun and water

while a damp morning in the summer garden is not completely perfect it sure can be pretty.  so as january comes to a close lets take a step into the summer garden.  five images…

yellow IMG_0982 grdn yellow IMG_0983 det yellow img0985 macro_3 yellow img0985 macro_2 yellow img0985 macro_1