and rain drops and patterns, oh my.  three daylilies at Riverbend.  rain drops on the petals.  each daylily a little different.  and each one a pattern in the eyezone.  four images…  oh and the rain gradually and finally stopped.  oh yea !

rbg_9755 purple pattern det rbg_9755 purple pattern macro

rbg_9757 purple pattern_2 det rbg_9758 orchid pattern det

un oops

perhaps un oops.  can one blog while tired ?   perhaps.  and perhaps even avoid another oops.  or not.  today we move west and change gardens.  Xenia is the home of Riverbend Daylily Gardens.  an hour or so drive from Columbus.  and an hour or so for the rain to retreat.  still some residual raindrops on the flowers.  four images…

rbg 9472 spider red poly det rbg 9745 red self det

rbg 9749 red ptrn det rbg 9749 red ptrn macro


mud, really good mud, and more mud.  with enough drizzle and mud even i will eventually surrender to the situation.  though i think this last flower made the contest worthwhile.  the effect of the midribs is rather stunning.  three images…

hg_9741 cream purple red eye starburst grdn hg_9741 cream purple red eye starburst det hg_9741 cream purple red eye starburst macro



still pics from July 3.  still dodging the drizzle.  except one patient soul.  three flowers and one mystery guest.  a light colored flower with a deep deep eye color.  a big yellow spider.  and another with a deep colored eyezone.  and a surprise guest.  do you see the guest in the garden?  i did not at first.  not until tonight.  6 images… and one guest…

hg_9727 pink dark eye grdn hg_9727 pink dark eye det

hg_9728 yellow spdr det hg_9735 cream red eye det

hg_9735 cream red eye macro hg_9735 cream red eye macro 2 anachrid

lingering at the edge and trying to blend in.   a crab spider.  it is nature.  and nature at its best.  the crab spider has an incredible talent.  it spends a few days in flowers of the same color and like a chameleon it changes color to match the flower.  one would almost think it knows enough to stay out of the red zone…

same garden

same drizzle.  lotsa daylilies.  and not enough time to get them pictures.  so i guess it is zen shower photography.  dodge between the drops grasshopper.  oh and move faster than the skeeters too.  several flowers, a power pyramid eye, a pattern, and a double.  did i say a power pyramid ?  some of these expressions might just be my own.  and while a bit flippant not meant to be disparaging.  there are too many syllables in disparaging.  still it could almost rhyme with asparagus – if there is enough compost in the garden.  now for those flowers…  all 5 images…

hg_9656 pink det hg_9657 orchid grdn

hg_9657 orchid det hg_9657 orchid macro

hg_9668 white dbl det

time in the garden

we are still at Heavenly Gardens.  the next several days will be images from there on July 3rd.  it was a fairly quick trip through the garden.  not a dash and not a stroll.  opening the car doors disturbed the air pressure enough to start the drizzle.  did not need to slam them to get the drizzle going.  and the ground was already wet from the previous days.  it was wet.  some sections were for looking across.  not at all for walking across.  and some days it is like that in the garden.  here are a couple more flowers.  the first is about an eight inch 20.32 cm star.  thank goodness for the portable gauge.  the second flower has edges, some patterning, pinching, and a few other things going on.  these flowers can range from simple to complex and everywhere between.  five images…

hg_9697 grdn view

hg_9626 yellow star det hg_9627 yellow star det

hg_9628 orchid star det hg_9628 orchid star macro