thoughtful thursday

observe.  reflect.  three images…

14-047-10-022-pygmy-plum-x-flying-carpet-x-poultry-in-motion-img_3148-macro 14-047-10-022-pygmy-plum-x-flying-carpet-x-poultry-in-motion-img_3148-det

14-047 10-022 pygmy plum x flying carpet ) x Poultry In Motion

14-047 10-022 pygmy plum x flying carpet ) x Poultry In Motion

growing into the garden

daylilies are a perennial.  that means they come back each year again and again.   so when a daylily comes into the garden it is usually two fans.  often bare root.  so the first year is a recovery growth period.  the second year the plant will often increase the number of fans and in essence grow stronger.  the third year it has usually reached a fair portion of its growth potential.  so each of those years it is typical to see increase in plant size, the number of fans.  and to see increase in bloom count and bloom size.  this plant was in its second year here this summer.  it is doing just that.  this year bloom and plant size are on that growing curve.  they are almost to the predicted counts and sizes.  this is inspite of the general shortage of water this summer.  i expect Third Act to reach those targets in the coming year.  three images…

third-act-img_2086-macro third-act-img_2086-grdn third-act-img_2086-det

back where we started

this is a sib cross.  two sibling plants crossed back to each other trying to reinforce traits hidden in the first cross.  Autumn Minaret is tall.  the seedling was too.   it also has a small flower.  Desert Icicle has a long petaled flowing flower.  some things come back on that second cross.  will the height come back too ?  two images…


14-120 10-064 Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret) x ( 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret

14-120 10-064 Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret) x ( 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret



brown petals and a contrasting center.  and the description is pretty much unavoidable – a starburst.  three images…

turtle-tails-img_1718-macro turtle-tails-img_1718-det turtle-tails-x-img_1717-grdn

one bloom

how can a flower that blooms for one day be so captivating ?  in a matter of hours it fades and becomes a memory.  a memory that brings me back looking for its next visit.  again and again.  and just maybe there might, just possibly might be a chance to create one more flower with as much enticement and wonder.  Orchid Lady Slipper three images…

orchid-lady-slipper-img_9370-macro orchid-lady-slipper-img_9370-det orchid-lady-slipper-img_9370-grdn

dark seedling

one parent is a yellow flower.  and the other is a light brown.  so the seedling will be… what it is.  and perhaps not what we expect.  Desert Icicle and Fol de Rol are the parents.  images of the seedling follow.

desert icicle fol de rol det img1714

desert-icicle-x-fol-de-rol-img_9016-det desert-icicle-x-fol-de-rol-img_9016-grdndesert-icicle-x-fol-de-rol-img_9016-macro

not another bug !

relax it is a garden.  they are supposed to be there.  i think this daylily was named by an app that finds a name that is not a name.  Furgalisus.   search engine score zero.  flower score one. this is its second year here in the garden.  it did okay in spite of the lack of rain.  will it get to its predicted height next year ?  then again will next year be a decent year for growing.  only one way to find out.  enough wordiness let us switch to picturiness.  hmmm the dictionary either is getting used to my constructs or no it does not like the parallel construct using picture and ness.  situation normal.  four images…

furgalisus-img_8867-macro-2 furgalisus-img_8867-macro furgalisus-img_8867-det furgalisus-img_8867-grdn