some other pattern

here are a couple of other pattern daylilies we got to enjoy this weekend.  it is late and probably best not to try to explain what the daylilies are doing.  safer to just let them explain visually all by themselves.  besides then you can ask questions to the daylilies and i can play UN interpreter and act as a go between.  please do not be offended if there is a long and infinite pause as the daylilies object to responding to my proffered translations.  however be assured that this will in no way diminish the earnestness of my translations to the daylilies…  gee that sounds like a really neat title for a book – translations to daylilies.  time to quickly move on to those pictures.  four images…

bob f pattern seedling 005 macro bob f pattern seedling 005 det bob f pattern seedling 004 macro bob f pattern seedling 004 det

i see a pattern developing

no not that one.  this set of patterns.  these pictures are from a daylily garden where the gardener is fascinated by daylilies.  daylilies with patterns.  markings in the eyezone that tend towards complex.  slightly complex to very complex.  depending on the day and the daylily.  weather, temperature, and the hot sunny ( or lack there of ) can affect the daylily and the pattern.  and they patterns are variable.  some daylilies can even totally loose the patterns on certain days.  others just have a different pattern from one day to the other.  and some can be fairly consistent.  so what else is to be expected from something fairly new and only partially understood ?   so onto these referenced patterns.  six images…  oh and we will work on that other pattern too !

bob f pattern seedling 001 orange det bob f pattern seedling 001 orange macro

bob f pattern seedling 002 apricot det bob f pattern seedling 002 apricot macro

bob f pattern seedling 003 yelleo det bob f pattern seedling 003 yelleo macro

directions included

finally someone remembered to pack the instructions !  use this pollen on those plants.  or take me to your garden.  or that is a petal.  or there are more flowers here.  say something nice or i will do a scarecrow to you ( wizard of oz ) “what happened to you ?  …flying monkeys…  parts of me are over here, parts of me are over there !”  … but don’t worry, its okay as long as i am still in the garden….  ( that was in the extended version – the one that is still playing in my head ).  so is there a flower with all of this stuff ?   yes there is, first one more – pay no attention to those arrows or the little dog barking at the man behind the curtain…

three images…. ( please disregard the other images verbally portrayed )

rbg sh001 macro 2 pattern rbg sh001 macro pattern rbg sh001 det pattern

oh one last direction… that is a hand.

big curls – don’t cry

i’d say it was out of my system, then again some days we start with a pun and go for excessive.  remember this is a garden.  we plant and mulch our mistakes…  now back to those curls.  today’s curls are big.  yesterday’s flower was in the 6 inch range, curled it is closer to 4.  Third Act is 10 in 25.5 cm – curled.  someday i will have to unwind one.  the un-curled petal has got to be much bigger.  right now it is about 35 in tall.  next year it should be closer to its registered height of 40 in 102 cm.  still it is not bad for its second year here in the garden.  space the final frontier – even in the garden.  let’s get to the flower.  three images…

Third Act grdn IMG_9516


Third Act det Third Act macro


and skinny.  the seedling and parents have this in their heritage,  Carmine Ibis and Fol de Rol share these habits.  here are the two parents side by side.

carmine ibis n fol de rol sbs

and here is one of the seedlings.  three images…

Carmine Ibis x Fol De Rol IMG_9442

Carmine Ibis x Fol De Rol det

Carmine Ibis x Fol De Rol macro

random appendages

one of the goals of many hybridizers is putting  bubbly edges and teeth on daylilies.  bubbly edges have been around for a bit longer.  the quest for teeth goes on.  and the teeth are there now on daylilies like Forest Lake Ragamuffin.  and the quest has moved to things like the sharkiest teeth.  this daylily, Raspberry Sickle only has some of those toothy appendages.   it also has cream colored petals with a dramatic raspberry colored eye and edge.  three images…

raspberry sickle macro 2 raspberry sickle macro 1 raspberry sickle det

not too orange

two orange.  one tetraploid – 44 chromosome – orange.  and another diploid – 22 chromosome orange.  the first is a cross of South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers and it is tetraploid.  the second is a cross of Black Plush and Trahlyta and it is diploid.  tetraploid plants have twice as many chromosomes.  this means the plants can have twice as many genes controlling a plant behavior.  generally this results in a heavier, stronger plant.  as in everything else the increased count results in tradeoffs.  six images…

09-009 (South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers) IMG_9320

09-009 (South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers) det 09-009 (South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers macro

black plush x trahlyta  IMG_9321

black plush x trahlyta det black plush x trahlyta macro