less worry about color or not color.  and far less words.  yes quick – cut to the flowers…. two images ( and then blissful sleep )  words between parentheses do not count either….

13-000 white 2425img macro 13-000 white 2425img det


someone was stirring colors in the dark.  someone was mixing colors without a care.  someone was mixing colors and not playing fair.  colors from a rainbow never where.  okay – so i think these colors are a bit unusual.  grey, and yellow, and maybe green, with a dusting of red a combination rarely seen.   two images…

volcan fuego x qqq macro 2423 uncolor volcan fuego x qqq det uncolor

contrary star

stars are usually twinkle and bright.  something to see in the dark of night.  and then there is this red smouldering thing.  dark veins and a dark red flower.  something to pull you away from the glow in the day.  three images…

12-000 dark red grdn IMG_2387 12-000 dark red det IMG_238712-000 dark red macro IMG_2387


not encumbered with complexity.  if the goal is to share a flower then there are just a few basic steps.  find flower.  share flower.  resist the urge to overthink or overover.  enjoy the occasional good/bad pun.  try not to let it get in the way of the flower.  two images…

2381img macro 14-000 2381img det 14-000

orange ? ! ? !

often the phrase is something like ‘not another yellow!’   as if we could have too much of any one color.  i do not understand it.  i have just heard these kind of phrases too often.  and orange is the color of the basic ditch lily.  at the risk of ruining a colorful analogy orange daylilies are the red-haired stepchild of the garden.  orange and yellow daylilies sure that is nice – now can we move onto something interesting ?  that is kind of the traditional reaction in the world of daylilies.  it does not seem to hurt marigolds.  why anyone would want to limit the riot of colors in the garden well it just confuses me.  so let me go out on the edge – how about an orange daylily ?   a seedling no less.  only a first year bloom that might mature to look otherwise.  and despite the groundswell of un-enthusiasm i seem to be trying to build here i actually like it.  next year when it blooms i will be looking to see just how it matures.  and hopefully at the end of next summer it will be selected for more adventures.  only time and my enthusiasm will tell.  and now that i have waxed way too extensively.  and way too long too.  it is time for some visualization.  i hope you enjoy that part more than any of this wordy content.  two images…  and one more gratuitous pun…  orange you ready ?

14-000 img2380 macro 14-000 orng det img2380


movement ?

is it standing still ?  yes.  does it look like it’s ready to move ?  accelerate ?  or am i just dreaming?  the form and color are clean and simple.  and strong.  two images..

11-000 sdlg talon macro 11-000 sdlg talon det