catch me if you can

this is one of those daylilies that gleefully has its way with the ‘rules’.   rules – those silly definitions that we humans use to keep things in neat little boxes.  to which nature and daylilies are naturally oblivious and totally unconcerned.  nature is here to grow.   and daylilies are here to bloom.  first let me say i prefer visual observation rather than physically taking the flower apart.  and despite its complexity the dissecting of this daylily can be done visually, though it might take another dozen images from several angles.  the main thing to keep in mind is that most of the ‘rules’ or forms are not exclusive.  aside from large and small, and single and double.  after that the lines can blur very quickly.  so while the tissue growing from the stamens easily mimics more double petals it is another and quite different physical aspect.  quick get the ladder and rescue that lad from the soapbox.  let’s just summarize quite simply that the presentation of the flower might be a little more than pleasing.  why ?  well just look.  two images from Dave’s garden…

dw red n yellow dbl macro dw red n yellow dbl det

refreshingly aged

as daylilies or some other flowers go this is not ancient.  it is old enough though.  registered in 1980 this daylily is 35 years old.  it is a daylily of understatement.  just enough color to be anything but plain solid white.  the name is Delicately Yours.  two images

dw delicately yours macro dw delicately yours det


as in Good Morning Starshine.  this is a flower from Dave’s garden.  it is from yet another northern ohio daylily grower Rae.  it is a full flower with shades of purple, dark at the edge of the petals and eye and a ruffly flowing edge.  however i feel it is time to let the flower talk.  always defer to the expert.  two images…

dw good morning starshine det dw good morning starshine macro

two tone

there are ‘edge no eye‘ daylilies.  and then there are ‘eyes and edge’ daylilies.  this one is the eyed variety.  the flower is called The Heavens Declare.  white and deep dark purple make a wonderful and dramatic contrast.  and just a small 6.5 inch 16.5 cm bloom to grab your attention.  variety is good.  it keeps things from getting boring.  two images

dw the heavens declare det dw the heavens declare macro


sometimes we know a little.  today’s flower is in Dave’s garden.  and it should be in the same general area as the other one.  it is even by the same hybridizer as yesterday’s flower.   and that is the sum of our some knowledge today.  so the name for this flower will remain a mystery.  at least for tonight.  and maybe a little bit longer.  meanwhile out in the garden things are growing.  five plants came out of the observation bed tonight.  moved to a permanent spot.    there are another 25 or so that need to come out soon.   this will make room for about 30 new graduates from the seedling bed.  which will in turn make room for about 600 seeds to be planted.  i guess they had better keep moving.  now back to those three mystery images.  well almost a mystery…

dw unidentified reed garden dw unidentified reed det


dw unidentified reed macro