certain seedlings i hold onto.  this one has several simple elements that once the flower assembles them work more than effectively.  they grab my attention.  and like so many others the past few days this flower needs to be used in some crosses.  and if and when seeds come they need to be planted.  two images…

fdr seedling IMG_1818 macro fdr seedling IMG_1818


i have to remember – since this flower did not bloom last year.  this year i will hope for its return.  it should be in the 2011 seedling bed.  should.  strange things happen in the fall when plants move.  this flower is at the other end of the spectrum from last night’s flower.  where last night’s flower is bold this flower is soft spoken.  and in spite of that equally stunning.  the wisp of color between the pink petals and white throat is what i will call cloud content.  it is a drifting hint of something that you cannot quite hold in your hands.  three images of the cross Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream.  first the parents and then the seedling…

give me eight sbs smoke scream

11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream det

11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream macro


remember the picture you found

some nights i find two pictures.  and one wins out and the other one often gets lost.  tonight the other picture from last night did not get lost.  Chateau Lafite the flower name that i almost always have to look up.  no i cannot spell French most days.  and i will most likely mess up c’set la vie ( or look that up too ! )  anyway Chateau Lafite is another one of those flowers that keeps shouting “cross me !”  perhaps this year is the year.  two images…  i might have to save ( freeze ) some Royal Ensign pollen for Chateau Lafite.  yes one is an early and the other one is a late bloomer…


older than dirt

and playing in the dirt.  the flower is Royal Ensign.  registered in 1951 it is older than me.  according to the AHS database there are no plants registered with Royal Ensign as a parent.  so is there something to be learned ?  what will Royal Ensign bring to its seedlings ?

royal ensign det

pollen games

it is not quite time yet, though soon it will be.  and bringing home a plant like Vertical Horizon or looking at a seedling like 11-0727-B (Blue Luster x Blast From The Past)  naturally start the wheels turning.  the what if game starts.  and it does not matter that answer is a bloom two years off into the future.  the dream is more than half the game.  two images…

11-0727-B (Blue Luster x Blast From The Past) macro 11-0727-B (Blue Luster x Blast From The Past) det

de nile

i am not in de nile ( pun ) !  there are other flowers here and we do enjoy them.  fleeting though their visit seems to be.  in bloom today, lupine a volunteer from seed.  all of our lupine reseed themselves.  they are a short lived perennial.  two years of bloom is about the maximum here with the lupine.  the iris are all survivors of the iris borer.  we do not spray.  if they survive they survive.  and lastly just so you do not think i have been abducted by aliens an image from last summer from a garden in Lebanon Ohio.  four images…

white lupine

iris det

iris macro

vod red with dark eye  garden IMG_2049


from a garden in Lebanon Oh.  this daylily has freckles.  it is a simple uncomplicated look.  and it does not need anything else to complete the flower.  three images…

vod freckle yellow red eye garden


vod freckle yellow red eye det

vod freckle yellow red eye macro