the road to yellow

focus on the petals might be another way of saying nearly wordless.  though the last time i tried wordless it ended up being more title-less.  so tonight we will throw in a few petal describing words.  like the parents, an unidentified plant and Orchid Corsage.  and the seedling, later named Walking the Pattern.  and picture of its branching.  enough words.  four images…

not frans hals prnt sbs orchid corsage

walking the pattern macro IMG_0834 walking the pattern det IMG_0834

walking the pattern branching 2


purple done well

there are other ways to play with the color purple.  some no doubt as pleasing or more to the spirit and to the eye.  still this one will keep me quite amused for a good long time.  i might just watch it for a while longer when this post is done.  a seedling of a Breath of Blue Air x Mascara Snake crossed with Smoke Scream.  two images…

breath of blue air x smoke scream macro breath of blue air x smoke scream det

a flower for Wednesday

this is a seedling planted in 2011.  and bloomed two or three years ago.  a cross of Talon and Give Me Eight.  Talon can give flowers with a twist and Give Me Eight can pass on its flowers with four petals and four sepals.  and both parents have done that.  though today’s image only has a total of six petals the seedling has produced flowers with eight petals.  the seedling has the longer and skinnier petals like Give Me Eight and also the plant height.  two images…

talon x give me eight macro talon x give me eight det


or is it a shade of red and brown ?  either way it has a look i like.  it is a bi-tone.  the sepals have a darker color and the petals have a spotted pattern with a dark eye zone.  all of it placed on a slender open star.  two images…

13-000 red brown seedling macro 13-000 red brown seedling det


sometimes something a little different shows up.  this flower seems to have layers of color.  since it is a first year seedling there is the possibility that next year it will look similar and still not quite the same.  of course similar could tilt for the better or not so better.  or it could possibly stay about the same.  so for now i will enjoy it for what it is and wait to see what it becomes.  two images…

13-000 Volcan Fuego sdlg red w yellow underlay macro 13-000 Volcan Fuego sdlg red w yellow underlay

not what it looks like ? ? ?

or is it ? ? ?  if you are thinking this plant is out of Trahlyta, well it is a good guess.  just not a first generation seedling.  this is a little flower.  a seedling from a cross of a short dark flower Eggplant Ecstasy x Autumn Minaret.  the seedling took most of the plant habit of Autumn Minaret.  it is a late season bloomer.  it is tall, more than 48 inches 121.9 cm.  and it is a small flower about 3 inches 7.6 cm.   and there the resemblance stops.  the flower opens  flat like Eggplant Ecstasy instead of the more trumpet like shape of its other parent.  and the pigment of the flower is dark.  so neither plant completely wins in the contest of the seedling.  the garden however does win…  two images.  and yes – Eggplant Ecstasy is from Trahlyta.

Eggplant Ecstasy x Autumn Minaret macro Eggplant Ecstasy x Autumn Minaret det

Starman’s Quest

this is a first generation plant from Trahlyta.  and since all things Trahlyta tend to excite me, is it much of a surprise this one is also high on my list ?  it is a taller plant 40 inches 102 cm.  and it has a very big and dramatic eyezone.   or should i just say it blooms pretty ?  two images…

starman's quest macro starman's quest