naiads, nudibranch, columbines, and one daylily oh my

or how to keep gnomes from taking over your garden.  did i leave out the beetle ?  yes.  and it snuck in anyway.  nudibranch are noted for consuming poisonous creatures and using the toxins for their defense.  now this glass replicant may or may not share those same capabilities.  however my theory is it has consumed every gnome, hat and all, that has snuck into the garden and is now using the pointy tips of their hats as part of its armament.  and it is just a garden theory.  as for the columbines they self seed themselves around the garden.  usually they revert to their wild form.  the last one well it decided long wild spurs were its thing.  and i had to do one daylily and one scape of the many that are popping up all over.  lots of images…



i can hear it.  it is not far.  today there were more scapes in the garden.  it will not be held back.  images from last summer…

11-082 Webster Seedling x (09-009 South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers)

mulching, seed sorting, and books

the last few days have been spent mulching and avoiding rain.  today it was mulching and sun shine.  oh yes and finally sorting seeds.  only another 30 or 50 envelopes to open, count the seeds and write the cross on the outside of the envelope.  then the crosses will go into a spread sheet and the favorite ones sorted to the top.  the top 600 or so will get planted.  tonight we watched public broadcasting service top 100 books.  there were many good books.  dune and the lord of the rings were among those listed.  funny lotr seems to be on the screen now.  there are scapes hiding down in the daylily foliage.  it will not be long before they are up high where they can bloom.  now a few blooms from last summer…

10-081 Smoke Scream x Talon


flying jewels

yes that other miracle of spring has returned.  i have glimpsed it briefly in prior days.  today i got to view it for long moments.  it stopped to drink from the wood hyacinths, sampled a few columbine and zapped away in a green blur.  ruby throated hummingbirds are fast.  some day one might let me capture an image.  now a few more flowers from last summer.  aside from the fourth and fifth image the rest of these flowers are siblings.  plants sprouted from the same seed pod.  seven images…

13-007-002 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite – reverse bi-tone

13-007-003 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite – reverse bi-tone

13-102 Gudrid x Mascara Snake

13-007-004 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite – Orchid

13-007-004 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite


columbine and more.  at one end yard waste is going into the compost pile.  weeds and such are filling the right most bin.  and at the other end the harvest of compost is returning to the garden and filling this year’s pots.  the bin was nearly four feet high filled with compost.  now it is nearing empty.  and those mythical blooming spring flowers… the lupine is sending up a spike.  and petunias fill the pot.  seven images…

said that before

wait for spring.  wait for the rain to stop.  wait for this.  wait for that.  wait for spring flowers to bloom faster.  hmmm that wait can wait.  spring blooms into summer fast enough on its own.  sit back and enjoy the bloom.  wait for a few more plants to arrive.  daylily bloom will come again.  it is working its way north.  it has started in the south.  and every day it works its way closer.  precocious early daylilies have worked their way to findlay.  and that is not far from here.  more images from last summer…

11-050 Navajo Curls x John Sheehan

12-052 Smoke Scream x Purple Satellite


in two or three weeks this summer’s bloom will start.  for now the tall bearded iris will start.  lupine will bloom.  and yarrow will come again.  for now we will look at last summer.  six images…