an orange coral blend is the description for this flower.  and while it is full flower there is enough room to clearly see the sepals.  so it can be a flower of some movement.  it also has a yellow watermark.  three images…

flying-trapeze-img_1905-macro flying-trapeze-img_1905-det flying-trapeze-img_1905-grdn

dark eyes

a purple seedling with deep dark eyes.  a Smoke Scream and Diabolique cross the contrast continues to hold my attention.  three images…

diabolique-x-smoke-scream-img_1904-macro diabolique-x-smoke-scream-img_1904-det

Diabolique x Smoke Scream

Diabolique x Smoke Scream

back in the ground

this plant spent the summer in a pot.  it was a gamble.  not enough garden this spring so it went into a pot.  and the bloom was a very pleasant surprise.  this fall a spot in the garden was found.   four images…

16-0629-001-purple-dip-ufo-macro2 16-0629-001-purple-dip-ufo-img_1902-macro 16-0629-001-purple-dip-ufo-img_1902-det

16-0629-001 purple dip ufo

16-0629-001 purple dip ufo

this little corner

so here we are in the garden.  the tree is gone.  a stump holds up the pot of yellow straw flowers.  and several daylilies fill up the space around the stump.  one would hardly know the stump is there.  and close ups on the individual flowers.  six images…

grdn-of-the-stump-img_1895 rsbry-skl-x-sdlg-img_1891-det seedling-img_1900-det the-big-four-oh-img_1899-det srf-img_1898-det oh-x-trah-img_1897-det

something purple

it is warmer than one expects for winter.  above freezing.  so the words must be stuck in the mud and not in the ice.  three images…

cerulean-star-x-little-rainbow-qqqq-img_1891-macro cerulean-star-x-little-rainbow-qqqq-img_1891-det_1 cerulean-star-x-little-rainbow-qqqq-img_1891-grdn

yellow seedling

this seedling was not blooming on july 13 last summer.  it is right next to a related seedling that bloomed on the 13th and did not bloom on the 14th.  this is another Sally Sue kid.  this one is tall and yellow.   four images…

sally-sue-kid-img_1884-macro sally-sue-kid-img_1884-det sally-sue-kid-img_1883-grdn_2 sally-sue-kid-img_1882-grdn_1