pieces parts

there must be a dozen of these things in the seedling bed. things that bloom late. things that bloom raw and unfinished. genetic energy that is still unpolished. stirred and simmered. room for exploring. room for discovery. a place to roam. a place to observe. half of this flower comes from mystery. a late orange flower with energy to grow. a seed that landed by accident and made its own space in the garden. the other half is known and still equally mysterious. Autumn Minaret – a late blooming flower that still looms close to its origins. it was crossed with an old yet newer plant aptly called Wild One and a spidery thing John Sheehan. these last three combined to a flower called Cecilia’s Crescendo. one that multiplies at a steady strong pace. and blooms fiery red. is it too much to expect surprises from this child plant ?

16-084 15-1025-001 late orange x Cecilia's Cresendo


it did not rain today. it was a good day for some crosses. a day to check the seedlings and make sure which plants were flagged. and to plan the mayhem which will take place when moving days come.

12-052 Smoke Scream x Purple Satellite
12-052 Smoke Scream x Purple Satellite


it rained today. soon the time for making seeds will be done. it will be time for collecting seeds. this pale peach flower bloomed at the beginning of the season almost two months ago. like the pink flower last night it is able to speak for itself. space must be made for flowers to be kept. flowers will be cleared and replaced by those kept. seedling beds will be cleared for next spring’s plantings. the game is not over. it is catching its breath and a new cycle is beginning..,

14-001-D 13-0702-002 Little Ranbow x Talon)x Stella's Ruffle Fingers) x Stella's Ruffle Fingers
14-001-D 13-0702-002 Little Ranbow x Talon)x Stella’s Ruffle Fingers) x Stella’s Ruffle Fingers

watching buds

the season will end the way it began. watching the flower buds. sort of. except now the buds are behind the blooming flowers. so look behind the flowers. are there buds waiting in line ? or are there empty spaces ? a lot of plants are or are about to be out of buds. just not all of them. this one started blooming and will not quit for awhile. i will have to keep watching…

two rules

there are just two rules. 1. find a flower. 2. share a flower. there is no rule that there must be a pun. nor is there a rule about not having a pun. or about having too many words. or just enough. even if that means having none. having found the flower it is no help what so ever deciding if it is a night for a pun. and of course what that pun might be. perhaps indirect verbal assualt nearly plucking the petals. and a shrewish comment about de-flowering. well one thing is for sure. too much said. time to pull in the flower with only the slightest tug on the petals…

first seed

the first seed has been harvested. first there were a lot of flowers. now there will be a lot of seeds to plant for next year. the pictures are of parents and seedlings in the garden this year. first the parents and then two siblings from the cross. the colors are similar on both siblings. one has a fuller flower form. the other a more open flower form. and the seedlings are good parents producing several seed pods and they have fertile pollen. i think that spells more seeds. and more fun next year.