no porcupine genes

this seedling is consistent.  all three sepals are quilled.   perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, however that is one of the directions unusual form daylilies can go.  we are still showing seedlings from another grower’s garden.   now try not to drift off while i struggle to artfully work the porcupine genes back into this post.  and please don’t rush me.  it is not exactly the kind of thing you just take a jab at doing.   perhaps at this juncture it would be better to just shift to the flower.   ( needle on the good decision meter swings wildly in the opposite direction )  two images…

sdlg km rbg quills pink 12-007 det sdlg km rbg quills pink 12-007 macro

type ?

where did that picture go ?  it is here.  if someone could type it would be a lot easier to find the name and the picture.  fat fingers don’t help much in the garden either.  still we don’t go into the garden to worry about fat fingers.  we go for the flowers.  and to forget the little problems of the world.   picture found.  fingers pardoned to type and plant again.  two images from that garden halfway across the state.  and memories revived from a warm summer day, on a colder spring day with a bit of snow…   we might even pardon the flakes…

sdlg km rbg peach spdr red chevron rbg12-006 det sdlg km rbg peach spdr red chevron rbg12-006 macro

spider seedling

did i say this gardener also likes spiders ?  perhaps not as much as patterns.  right now there are more patterns in the garden.   two images…

sdlg km spdr rbg12-005 det sdlg km spdr rbg12-005 macro


a red and white seedling.  still from another garden.  two images…

sdlg km rbg12-004 wht n red grdnIMG_2466 sdlg km wht n red rbg12-004 det


not in my garden

still i wish they were.  the flowers from the last three days and for many more come from a young lady who grows daylilies half way across the state.  tonight’s flower has a big purple eye.  i got to walk her garden last summer.  the flowers are to put it simply dazzling.  three images…

sdlg km pnk n purple grdn 12rb-003

sdlg km pnk n purple det 12rb-003 sdlg km pnk n purple macro 12rb-003

establishing the pattern

this is a continuation of a certain young lady’s pattern daylilies.  enjoy. ` two images..

sdlg km orng prple yllw pattern 14-002 det sdlg km orng prple yllw pattern 14-002 macro

the wand selects the wizardess…

this is from the garden of a young lady who among other things hybridizes patterned daylilies.  please remain seated until the garden comes to a full and complete stop.   we hope you have enjoyed your ride today at Riverbend Gardens…

sdlg km rbg pattern 14-001 grdn

sdlg km rbg pattern 14-001 det sdlg km rbg pattern 14-001 macro