this is a sib to one of the seedlings the other day.  they are both the same basic shape and size.  however where the other is a dark grey with a black eye this one is a creamy base with a reddish eye.  this is a first year bloom so it may change as it matures.

13-007 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite det

expect the unexpected

this is day two of the cherished blogfest.  you can still join before the list closes.

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now back to the garden.  i recently found one of those seedlings that like to play peek-a-boo.  it has been suitably tagged and flagged.  nope i do not want to loose it again.  the cross is Trahlyta x Bark At Me.  the Bark At Me parentage would explain why it is a late season bloomer.  it just started blooming.  ( and there was great rejoicing ).  the pollen moved around the garden today too.  enough of the yacking, time for some blooming image.  three images…  oh did i mention that sometimes this flower can be twisted too ?   i think that might come from Bark At Me too.  the other two blooms on this plant today were not twisted !

10-035 Trahlyta x Bark At Me det 10-035 Trahlyta x Bark At Me macro 0001 IMG_2661

10-035 Trahlyta x Bark At Me macro 0002


cherished blogfest

this post is part of the cherished blogfest.  if you wish to join or simply read other cherished blogs go to this link.  the link is open to join for two days.  cherished memories that are a key to our lives.

for me cherished is not an object.  it is a place.  my mother and grandmother both were gardeners.  they introduced me to the garden and set me loose to learn and revel.  many things have grown here in the garden.  there were vegetables and fruits of many kinds.  these days it is daylilies, daylilies, and daylilies.  they are a window into the creative force of nature.  a window anyone can open and explore.  they are one of the simplest plants to grow and to raise your own seeds. one year later you can see your very own flowers.  mother nature’s flowers still, and flowers you have nudged in one direction or another.

here are some flowers the work of other gardeners.  flowers that were planted here and helped me start this journey…

smoke scream det black plush

open hearth det trahlyta det

bark at me det webster's pink wonder det 001

and these are some of the seeds that were planted and grown here…  seeds where i had a small say, a nudge, in a new direction.

11-0726-D Black Plush x Trahlyta)x(Bark At Me x Black Plush she who must be obeyed det

12-133 Smoke Scream x (11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret det 001 11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream det

12-0623-002 Highland Pinched Fingers x Colberg Preview ) x Websters Pink Wonder det purple satellite kid

Open Hearth x Trahlyta det 11-069 Gift Tie x Prague Spring) x Orchid Lady Slipper det

i can remember those gardens still.  and i can barely imagine what i will find here in this garden.

keep your pollen dry

in nature pollen lasts one day.  as the flower dissolves and the morning dews insure that water will destroy the pollen.  still the pollen capsule can be removed from the stamen and kept indoors over night.  and used again the next day.  or it can be sealed in a container and frozen and can be used for several years.  in this way pollen from one day can meet up with a flower that was not blooming that day.  a daylily that blooms early in the season can be crossed with a late blooming daylily.  or a late season flower can be crossed with an early season flower.  so in that same line of action this flower came to this garden from another garden.  and a second flower was brought in from the seedling bed and its pollen set aside for another day.  Texas Kaleidoscope is the first flower and seedling 14-077 is the other.  four images…

texas kaleidoscope det


texas kaleidoscope macro 002 texas kaleidoscope macro 001

14-077 tet spider det

dark eyes

some flowers are gentle colors.  some are strong, no frills or ruffles.  this one is strong.  four images

10-115 Trahlyta x Black Plush  grdn 10-115 Trahlyta x Black Plush  det

10-115 Trahlyta x Black Plush  macro 10-115 Trahlyta x Black Plush macro 2

Missing Link

today’s pictures do a pretty good job of showing the sculptural aspect of some of the petals.  On a good day all three petals would be doing this.  the flower also has a fringe at the tip of the petals. i guess we will see how long it takes for the other missing links to come together and form a complete sculptural flower.  five pictures…    Missing Link

missing link grdn

missing link macro fringe IMG_1925 missing link macro fringe 2_IMG_1925

missing link det IMG_1927 missing link det IMG_1926