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see a petal

enjoy a petal.  flowers please.  some with red.  some with purple.  some with peach.  six images…

13-088 morticia kid x Apotosaurus

14-065 12-0622-001 Orange spider x Lullaby Of Birdland

Place D’etoile




i have seen several posts counting the days until spring.  it is still january.  so i am also counting that there are two full months until spring.  and i rather not do a waiting count.  if anything i would rather count some flowers to look at and just keep doing that one day at a time.  and one day spring will indeed come.  and we will have done something else that was not waiting.  so six images…


14-100 Morgan’s Melody x Poultry In Motion

16-0629-001 Prpl Dip UF

garden for the flower

ever hear the can’t see line ?   can’t see the forest for the trees.  i think that happens here too.  can’t see the garden for the flowers.  mostly because i take more pictures of the flowers than of the garden.  i will have to work on that one next summer.  and still end up with more pics of the flowers.  seven images…

still cold ?

oh yes.   mini heat wave coming ?  how about another thaw in a couple days ?  yes.  still have flower images from last summer ?  yup.  still need to think warm thoughts ?  would you rather be a carrot for a snowman’s nose ?  okay.  roll the flower images…


this is not forest bathing.  and since it is only pictures i would not call it flower bathing.  at this moment if you are a seasoned galaxy traversing person you can put down your electronic device and grab your towel to dry off and run quickly for the exits.  that is if all this bathing in nature disturbs you.  if you are not sprinting for the exits or clicking any new tab we can move on.  this might be keeping warm through the winter bathing with digital substitutes for flowers.  or it might be something else.  whatever it is it works for me.  now those digital substitutes…

11-042 Eggplant Ecstasy x Autumn Minaret) x Give Me Eight

i can go outside

it might be to shovel snow.  or feed the birds and squirrels.  or to go for a walk.  i just need to leave the warm weather gear inside.  and bundle up a bit.  perhaps some winter images will come along.  just not tonight.  six images…

oh winter

winter and daylilies.  most would think they do not go together.  and on the surface they do not.  then again there might be some similarities.  what other time of year has snow angels ?  and how long do they last ?  okay that is deep enough.  and before i drift any farther it is time for flowers.  seven images…   and just maybe winter is not completely intolerable…