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get ready

today was a get ready for the weekend day.  a bunch of odd jobs.  water the pots.  and harvest more seed pods.  so now it is time for more images from that day in july.  and the day of that folder is about done.  so tomorrow it will be the next day in july.  we will wrap up with a tall hollyhock.  not everything is daylilies…




can i do this in reverse order ?  put the pictures in.  add some text and then find a suitable title ?  odds would not favor this happening.  mostly for the last two items.  now the flower that is a different story.  it cares as little for the order this post takes.  it just blooms center stage.

a good day in the garden

every day is a good day in the garden.  today a hummingbird moth visited the garden.  the lantana gave it a feast.  then a most young rabbit kit ran through the garden.  both were too fast for me and the camera.  the daylilies continue to bloom.  and seed continues to ripen.

seeds and seedlings

today was a good day to collect seed pods.  about 10 seed pods are in envelopes and drying out.  and the was one of the seedlings that bloomed and was labeled for further observation.   the season is not done.  seed collecting will speed up.  and bloom will slow down.

it works

what makes this flower, the elements that comprise its color, shape, and form capture my attention.  the fact it is blooming well into the end of the season is a positive too.  is that the really long way to say i like it very much ?

13-073-B Bagnana x She Who Must Be Obeyed


flowers are made for sharing.  even if they only last one day.  share.  tomorrow i will work on being more captivating with the words.  share.

very flexible

and when they are not very simple they are flexible.  mother nature only pays attention to the rules when she wants too.  the pollen body in the flower is growing out of the middle of the petal.  just say surprise and enjoy.