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such are dreams

dreams do many things.  some dreams come true.  some dreams fade.  some dreams return time and again.  the first flower may be fading.  or it may be resting and waiting to come back again.  there are many things that can give a flower pause.  the unusual weather we have been having affects seedlings and established plants alike.  not all plants, just one here and one there.  other flowers just slip away.  the second flower most likely was not flagged.  pictured yes.  flagged no.  so i am fairly convinced it got moved out.  the third picture is it sitting in the middle of a bed that was emptied this fall.  the remaining three are dreams that are still coming into view.  they will eventually reveal their course.  the secret of course is to pay just enough attention to dreams.  both those in the night and those in the bright light of the garden.


why krakens

release the kraken ?  this time of year winter release the dreams and sceams.  looking at this flower or that one the possibilities seem endless and amazing.  the what ifs are enticing.  now if i can dial a psychic friend one that is close touch with nature well who knows what might be ?  then again it will be just as much fun to try my hand and see what comes of that.  and the excitement could be just as effective as a nearby kraken.  film at 11.

17G-BF003 dilute

sceaming and dreaming

what will i plant next spring ?  well there is a little of that.  most gardeners plant seeds to grow plants.  for me it is the other way around.  mostly i grow plants to make seeds.  so i choose the plants with a thought to the seeds they might make.  so i look at the plants i have.  and i look at the seedlings that have grown.  and what few new plants i might want to add.  which plant might bring what quality to the mix.  and how they might be combined to bring out something new.  because even little steps little bits of new eventually add up to something newer than expected.  often it can take two or so generations to see that change mainly because miracles and such take a little longer.  so the dreaming and sceaming go on and on.

14-155 12-133 Smoke Scream x (11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret ) x 12-050 Rajah x Purple Satellite

one year

from one year to another things change.  new seedlings bloom.  new choices become possible.  the first two purple flowers are such a case.  first one bloomed and it became a favorite.  then the other one bloomed and it too became a favorite.  ah can the two favorites be crossed ?  what will come of that ?

14-013-A 12-052 Smoke Scream x Purple Satellite ) x Venus of Willendorf

14-123-A 10-073 Smoke Scream x Cerulean Star) x 12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills sib to Eyed seedling


it is a wordpress post.  it is simple.  what could go right ?  or is that supposed to be wrong ?

  • add title
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  • ignore the invitation to the new block editor for a few more days

or maybe do it in reverse sideways upside down no time sense order.  then step back and let the flowers influence the unconscious mind.  well maybe semi conscious.  grasp random thoughts and thrust them into words.  hope they are about the same pictures.  hit the post button and simultaneously go into complete denial.  try to ignore crocodiles and hippos.  they are always there when one is in de nile.   pretend that the spellchecker is not all flustered by dictionary conflicts.  dive in.

we are not there yet

never mind that parental type travel comment.  someone is just suppressing the inner child’s need for spring.  we are just plotting and planning another garden year.  these first two flowers share a common parent.  and a maniacal gardener’s plot to combine things again at this level.  don’t worry there will be out crosses to other flowers too.

10-083 cerulean star x smoke scream

11-042 Eggplant Ecstasy x Autumn Minaret) x Give Me Eight

feigned indifference

after yesterday’s post this might sound strange.  i did say winter is shaping the garden.  and it is a very good thing.  still i can let winter do its thing and concentrate more on next summer.  i can shovel the snow to stay in shape for spring transplanting time.  and during the cool down after the physical exercise i can do some mental exercises how i will shape the garden next summer.

12-092 10-014 Prague Spring x Gift Tie) x Sally Sue

Mildred Mitchell