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let the sun shine

there is nothing quite like a sunny day and the afternoon spent in the garden.  got some mulch in place for the coming summer.  there is still plenty to do.  and if just feels good to get out there and put a dent in that to do list.  six images…

13-033 Walking the Pattern x Apophis

13-101 Birdwing Butterfly x Gudrid

13-119 12-0705-001 10-113 Gadsden Golliath x Black Plush ) x APOPHIS

17-0705-002 Big Orange spider


degrees of togetherness

how do you keep the little purple larkspur from photo bombing the big yellow daylilies ?  or should i even care.  they are both flowers.  and i await their return.  both of them.  six images…

10-115 Trahlyta x Black Plush

12-089 Solar Music x Strung Out

14-013-A 12-052 Smoke Scream x Purple Satellite ) x Venus of Willendorf

14-118 10-051 Walking the Pattern x Asterisk ) x Skinwalker

move quickly

can we move that quickly from the spring of our discontent and switch to the spring of our content ?  i think it is possible.  six images…

11-036 Thais x Flower Shop

11-037 Talon x Smoke Scream) x Gail Braunstein

11-069 Gift Tie x Prague Spring) x Orchid Lady Slipper

16-0629-001 Prpl Dip UF

warming . . .

the forecast looks like a warming trend.  since spring is running snowlate we seem to have developed a needing trend.  needing to see reminders of last summer.  six images…

one day more ?

is winter holding us in prison ?  snow flurries are in the forecast tomorrow.  and then maybe it will be too warm ?  well we can hope.  six images…

12-0705-010 purple with green throat

12-0712-001 Gift Tie x Prague Spring cream

is it

is it winter giving us spring ?   or spring giving us winter ?  or is it just change ?  and change more often than not is not so easy.  fortunately many of the plants of spring are very good at holding on no matter what the adversity.  so if they can make so can i.  six images…

10-055 Dragons Eye x Purple Many Faces

hiring gandalf

i wonder if it is possible to hire gandalf to stand on the bridge of springtime and holler at winter – you shall not pass !  at this point it might be worth a try.  six images…

Malmaison Plum