too two

and this is the other half. tonight’s flower is a sibling. each one has a strong resemblance to one of its parents. and knowing this hardly decreases the amazement or surprise. i like both looks…


2 thoughts on “too two

  1. Gradmama2011

    Beautiful girls! I would like to see pics of their parents…you say they each resemble one of their parents. Now we can understand why the lighter one feels the need for a bit of embellishment to make up for the bright colors of her Sis.

    I found some very nice pale, cream color Lilies over by the septic tank, along with some other yellow orange ones. I thought we had moved all of them, but pleasantly surprised to see some still there. Can’t see the area from the house, unless I go out there. We had to cut down a good size tree…before the tank cleaner guy yells at us again. 😉


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