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i should be sleeping

this late night, hmmm early morning stuff is a bit much.  maybe i will learn.  or not.  time for a flower and to call it a morning…



pull up a chair.  sit down on a piece of ground.  look around.  observe.  breath in.  enjoy.

is it too late ?

i am beginning to suspect we had a bad install of winter.  somehow it was installed over roller coaster 1.0 with an additional partial install of spring.  we have been going up and down with temperature drops and jumps.  one day cold next day warm.  these 20 and 25 degree fahrenheit jumps are getting old.  and way too frequent.  it is going to be interesting to see what does and what does not survive this winter season.  please keep your crash helmets on and your seat belts fastened until the ride comes to a complete and total stop.  we hope you enjoyed your stay here at the weather ride theme park.  if the reboot and re-install alarm sounds before you leave the park tonight please join the hoard at the park office for a complimentary smile and excuse.

11-1107-B Bejeweled x Model In Red

rain and snow

today it rained most of the day.  flood warnings are up.  tonight it is blowing, howling, and a dusting of snow is being driven by the winds.  what a way to get through february.  of course any way one gets through february is a good way.  back to some flowers

12-071 Black Plush x Fol De Rol

12-127 Nutmeg Elf x Suzie Cream Cheese


many of the newer roses are not noted for their fragrance.  that does not mean you should not stop and take the time to visit with them.  step into the garden.  any garden.

16-0629-001 purple dip ufo


the snow returned today.  it made a long drive longer.  it made things slippery and dangerous for travel.  and it carried us one day closer to spring.  for tonight things will sleep under a blanket of snow.

13-011-B 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch) x Sky Captain Poly Chrome

14-013-A 12-052 Smoke Scream x Purple Satellite ) x Venus of Willendorf

14-020 Bagana x Venus of Willendorf

old music

there is an old country western song that says prop me up by the jukebox.  it involves an unfortunate circumstance for the singer as he has absolutely no choice where he gets placed.  yup he is beyond all that.  still he gets to ‘listen’ to all his favorite music.  what a trade off.  now while i would not want to be out in the garden in this cold weather come summer i would not complain so much.  and yes the flowers are still prettier than this prose.  oh did i mention that the singer moves at the speed of a norwegian blue ?

10-089 Diabolique x Smoke Scream

12-050 Rajah x Purple Satellite

12-050 Rajah x Purple Satellite

14-123-A 10-073 Smoke Scream x Cerulean Star) x 12-0619-004 black plush x trahlyta) x Wind Frills sib to Eyed seedling

17G-BF002 yellow with purple Eyed seedling