that is its name.  Talon.  we will put this under raw beauty…talon macro talon det

now just slow down

i could use that advise more often than just tonight.  however tonight it is particularly apt.  yes i found a picture.  and then i found both i and the picture were just a tad disoriented.  i will claim the red and black smoke and a bit of poetic license.  and now to the picture.  a seedling of Black Plush and Purple Satellite.  one slightly out of kilter and one not so much out of kilter.  yes even i get confused by the flowers…

12-070 Black Plush x Purple Satellite det 12-070 Black Plush x Purple Satellite det rotate 90

it is a flower

okay so we have found a flower.  it is also a bit of a mystery.   this flower came from some seed i bought.  why buy seed when i have a yard full of flowers ?   the simple answer is a new mix of genetics.  it is a fairly quick and relatively inexpensive way to bring those new genetics to the garden.  yes it took two years for the new flower to bloom.  and yes i did not know a lot about the background of both parents.  the seed was a cross of two purple flowers,  Random Control x Rose F Kennedy.   so was i expecting a nearly white seedling ?  not really.  though other purple on purple crosses here have gone to white.  so it is not a total shock.  there was hope that the big green throat of Rose F Kennedy would be passed on to the next generation.  there is still hope that the branching and bud count of Random Control will be passed on too.   then again maybe i should just re-read the name of that second parent slowly.  very slowly. and let it sink in.  random control… could there be some irony there ?  messing with genetics one needs to get used to that.  and sometimes riding out the surprise is well worth the trip.  even if it takes you to somewhere with totally different post cards.  two images of the seedling and the links above will take you to images of the parents.  how far can you go in your backyard ?  right now i don’t know and if and when i get there well i think a post card will be in order…

random control x rose f kennedy  macro random control x rose f kennedy  det



that silly time after a picture is found

there could be a reason for the dawdling.  i have no clue what it could be.  so enough dawdling  a seedling… 12-040 Critics Choice x 11-004 Olivia’s Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker.  two images

12-040 Critics Choice x 11-004 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker macro 12-040 Critics Choice x 11-004 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker

way back

next summer i need to go way back, as in wade through the other flowers and get a close up of this one.  the bed is about 12 feet deep so i will need to tiptoe through the other daylilies to get there.  a close up of this flower is way over due.  and while i am there bring a little pollen and take a little pollen.  this is Parfait, tall, skinny, and way way mature.  personally i take severe umbrage when flowers refer to me as a young whipper snapper…   and if not umbrage i at least huff and puff a little.   two images

parfait det parfait clump



and variety.  i have quite a few daylilies.  and i try to show as many of them as is possible.  not just the ones that hold my fascination today.  those that are here and show what has held other gardener’s fascination over the years.  each of the named daylilies that appear was chosen by a gardener.  to them the flower was special.  worthy to be shared with others.  this flower is one of those.  in 1987 it turned some heads.  since then the fancy of the daylily world has turned.  it has moved on in some ways.  that does not change the daylily… it just changes what some people chase.  Ocean Rain.   two images

ocean rain macro ocean rain det


what is ?

what is large and red ?  what stands tall in the garden ?  what perplexes me ?   one answer to that question is Watchyl Fiery Suspense.  it is a flower that is 10.5 in 25.6 cm of intense pure red.  it stands 33 in 84 cm tall.  and it has resisted the efforts of many a gardener to make any seed whether from pollen or pod.  it is listed as a tetraploid and there is speculation that it is not.  perhaps next summer we will try some other crosses.  the only thing that is for sure is if one stops trying, then nothing will happen.  there is no loss for trying and failing.  the loss comes from not trying.  two images

watchyl fiery suspense macro watchyl fiery suspense det