the list of never

a wise person recently shared that one should never evaluate daylilies when they are growing under trees.  well perhaps not never.  instead take it into consideration.  and when in doubt move that daylily into a better garden location.  and continue the evaluation.  of course this daylily is sitting in precisely the poorest location in the garden.  so how that eventual move will affect it is anyone’s guess.  right now it is a stunningly skinny spider.  hopefully the move will not diminish the skinniness and make for a taller stronger and better blooming plant.  let the adventure continue.  Bagana x Purple Satellite.  this fall it will move to a select seedling bed and time will tell what becomes of the bloom and of this plant.  the one lurking in the shadows under the trees….

bagana x purple satellite det


a very quick visit

part of the wonder of the garden is the unexpected glimpse of nature.  the neighbor’s mimosa tree did not fare well this past winter.  that means that the larkspur, phlox, and other flowers get to fill in as food for the hummer.  imagine the sound of a really heavy duty bee buzzing by.  that would be the surprise visits, fast visits of the hummer.  they don’t move slow so i was really happy to get any kind of picture.  after the hummer there is a daylily.  green zippy jewels come first.

hummer det

now for the flower.  River Hills is one of those rare daylilies that does not fade in the sun.  i just have the morning picture.  i will have to get an evening or mid day picture where the grey-purple pigment has darkened to match the rest of the flower.  River Hills – it adds its own kind of zip to the garden.  two images

river hills det river hills macro



this flower fits the spider description.  long skinny petals.  it blooms like this all the time.  a star shape – straight – no twists.  the cross is Open Hearth x Kindly Light.  the color pattern of Open Hearth melded to the form of Kindly Light. what is not to like ?  enjoy  three images

12-0619-002  Open Hearth x Kindly Light 12-0619-002  Open Hearth x Kindly Light det

12-0619-002  Open Hearth x Kindly Light det macro

drifting off

where have you been ?  drifting off .  yup.  la la land.  slept real well and wondered what did i post last night.  so let’s make this quick now that someone is awake.  this is a second year seedling.  the look as this one matures is good.  not to say that it cannot change in year 3 of bloom.  nice open and spidery.  and while the morning light is still low in the sky it is time to go take some more pictures and see what is blooming today.  to paraphrase…  what brought you back ?  waking up !

12-018 10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush x John Sheehan IMG_3482 macro 12-018 10-036 Trahlyta x Black Plush x John Sheehan IMG_3482 det


the fire in the sky meet the fire in the earth via a metaphorical intermediary.  Nyiragongo – named for a volcano located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  and on the morning of this picture the fire came together in the flower.  two images

nyiragongo det


nyiragongo macro


cousins – one converted.  these two flowers share a common genetic heritage.  Satin Bird is from the same cross as Trahlyta.  Both are diploid plants, 22 chromosomes.  someone converted Trahlyta to a tetraploid, 44 chromosomes.  and it was then crossed with another plant producing Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  can you see the resemblance ?

satin bird det

teddy bear's picnic det

crayons on the deck

ever notice that early style of young artists ?  get all the crayons out of the box and all over the floor where you can work with them.  none of that putting each one away back into the box.  well i like that style in the garden too.  try all the colors and don’t worry about staying inside the lines either.  so here is the seedling.  a picture of the seedling next to one parent.  and a picture of the two parents.  the cross is  Smoke Scream x Black Plush ) x Fol de Rol

12-132 Smoke Scream x BP) FDR det

seedling first bloom 12-132 Smoke Scream x Black Plush) x Fol De Rol sbs with fdr


these are the parents – a seedling Smoke Scream x Black Plush and the other parent Fol de Rol.

smoke scream x black plush sbs fol de rol