sure keep talking…

this is one of those flowers where saying as little as possible is not a bad thing.  the flower will do just fine all on its own.  Mask and Metaphor  two images

mask and metaphor detail mask and metaphor macro


elf in the garden

this is about a little flower – Nutmeg Elf.  it is little.  it is old.  and it has not lost its pretty.   then again neither elves or daylilies ever do.  even if some people’s tastes change.   it is also a spider.  that is a daylily with skinny petals.  so yes its pollen has made its way around the garden too.  the flower is 3 inches  7.8 cm across.  and it quickly grows into an attractive clump.  lots of pretty delicate flowers.  two images   and yes there are seedlings if you would search

nutmeg elf clump nutmeg elf det

playing with pollen

that is what i do in the garden.  and this flower is one whose pollen has been played with.  if you put Smoke Scream into the search box, well be prepared for several reads.  have something good to sip for you might be busy for a while.  from one day to another the temperature can change this from a red purple to a blue purple.  and no matter the shade i find this flower and its children interesting.  try the search to see where the children of this flower have gone.  three images

smoke scream det 001

smoke scream det 001 a

smoke scream macro 001


there are a couple of lullabies growing here in the garden.  this one is apparently named for an old jazz standard.  Lullaby of Birdland the daylily stands 48 in 122 cm tall and has an 8 in 20.5 cm bloom.  and for the fans of skinny flowers it is a spider.  it is a dark imposing flower with a green throat.  it is a cross of  Art Gallery Quilling × Royal Celebration.   it stands 18 inches taller than either parent.  and this summer there were some seeds made with this flower.  perhaps in time i will become more familiar with the music.  one quick listen is not enough.  until then the flower will serve as a reminder.   two images   enjoy

lullaby of birdland det

lullaby of birdland macro



a self – in the garden and in terms of daylilies refers to a flower with a single color.  Brazilian Orange is a self.  please feel free to add the obligatory pun whether using the banana joke or one of your own choosing.  the self-ish pun will also be skipped.  and we will hop onto the remaining description.  it is a round full petaled flower and the texture of petals could be said to match the flower’s name.  without further wordiness here is the flower.  two images

brazillian orange det brazillian orange macro


this is another one with ruffles.  one of these days i must take a look at the toothy, ruffled, and otherwise edged ones and see what might be available to round out the picture of those here in the garden.  there are something like a dozen of them scattered here and there in the garden.  they are in the minority here and one or two more might help represent the group.  and it would add a bit to the variety here.   this is Ballroom Waltz  a pale pink flower with a golden edge.  strangely and inexplicably not everyone is fascinated with spiders and unusual forms.  so a bit of variety is a very good thing.  two images

ballroom waltz det  ballroom waltz macro


tonight is an excellent night to listen to the Lord of the Rings.  it is also an excellent night to handily beat the computer at a few rounds of sleep mode.  strangely enough these two activities go hand in hand  with find a picture and do not get too wordy.  so whilst enjoying a lucid moment and ignoring the whining of the computer for a grudge match of sleep mode now seems to be the moment of slight elaboration.  and that too would be the story of tonight’s flower.  slight elaboration.  as in just a dusting along the edge.  Unique Style   one image

unique style det