the growing of seedlings can be many things.  one of those things can be to seek.  seek beauty.  seek new.  seek unusual.  seek to learn.  learn the nature of the plant.  some days a plant of differences is found.  and the difference in itself may be obvious.  what to do with that difference may not be so obvious.  does it have a use ?  is it enjoyable ?  or does it leave us puzzled ?  then there are other days where the flower looks simple.  it resembles so many others.  it seems common without any particular interest.  is it common ?  or does it require more study ?  do i need to sharpen my seeking ?  or perhaps zen my seeking ?  look, enjoy, and do not be afraid to seek.  it is only change.  something we do most every day.

sf13c unknown seedling img1969 det


that is a word describing the motion of this flower.  the tips of the sepals curl into tight little end points.  the sepals themselves curl into small tubes.  and these tight little curls cap them off.  they are a contrast to the open spoon shaped petals.  large and small side by side on the same flower.  the usual disk shape defined by the flat laid back petals is accented by three bolts of energy  radiating out from the center of the flower.  enjoy

sf13 walking the pattern seedling det

an old cross

this is an old cross.  not all the way back to the beginning, yet close enough to the beginning.  the cross is Ahoya and Fol de Rol.   Ahoya is there for raw strength.  It is a robust plant.  vigorous.  Fol de Rol is there because of its grace.   the seedling works for now.  it may reveal more in the next generation and for now it is a good step.  so now the seedling.   oh and one more thing  Fol de Rol is almost as old as i am.  it has been in the garden longer than me.  and Ahoya  is just a few years younger.  figures a couple old plants might teach a young gardener some new tricks.

sf13 ahoya x fol de rol det

decidedly unsnowy

it is supposed to snow tonight.  spring will come.  it just won’t be fast and it won’t be easy.  so here is a flower that i believe has not been on this page since last year this time.  it did well this past summer in the garden in its second year of bloom.  it is tall enough.  its bloom is big enough.  and its color is pink enough.  pink enough to come through this snow with thoughts of the summer.   Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein

sf13 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein throat det  sf13 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein det 004

warm and windy

it would be tempting to find some more daffodils, especially since they have just started opening up.  however it was a warm and beautiful day.  to beautiful not to do something just a bit more involved in the garden.  and it was a bit too windy to mess with the camera.  so it was a good day to weed the seedling bed.  in a way it was a bit disappointing too.  there are a few more spaces that are empty.  i would put it at late planting and poor germination last summer, rather than winter kill.  still there are enough so not to panic.  it was 76 degrees fahrenheit here today.   like summer.   Tuesday the forecast is rain and colder with chance of snow.  ah the joys of spring sprunging both ways.  here is a seedling from last summer.

evidently something else is a bit too warm.  when it cools down today’s pictures will be uploaded.  until then close your eyes and imagine the emperor’s new flower.   and like the emperor use your imagination….

seedling is it freak show x coburg preview clump  seedling is it freak show x coburg preview det



a few pictures from this year’s garden and one from last year.  It is difficult to imagine the snow has only been gone for a few weeks.  and even though  we are off to a bit of a late start things are starting to grow.  the first daffodil opened in the garden.  and the daylilies are sending up leaves.  and here is a flower from last summer.  a spidery thing called Licorice Twist.  in a couple of months they will be blooming again.

daff det   new daylily growth det

Licorice Twist det

I will get right back to that…

sooner or later.  does there have to be much organization in the garden ?   or are we allowed to be like a kid in a candy store ?   way back in May last year i posted this seedling.  and most likely there were plans to show the other parent in this cross.  is it too soon to come back to this ?   it is the other half of a cross of Helter Skelter and Ashby Pettigrew.  so without further ado Ashby Pettigrew

ashby pettigrew det