home of the hungry butterfly

we had a visitor in the garden today.  a swallowtail butterfly.  swallowtails are on every continent except Antarctica.  i am glad this one stopped to dine.  evidently daylily nectar is on the menu.  this seedling passed one very important test.  three images

hungry swallowtail feeding

hungry swallowtail

hungry swallowtail macro

the name of the wind…ows almost installer

lulled into a false sense of security… sure why not apply updates before posting to the blog?  it will only take a few minutes.  or several hours while the pc restores and i fall back to the other pc.  funny this pc asked permission to update too… denied !  heartily denied !  so to get back to the wind.  it was hot today.  and cooler days are coming.  many of the blooms captured today were last or second last.  soon it will be a much quicker walk to capture pictures.  and a slower walk to capture seeds.  three ripe pods came in today.  more if i count the bee pods.  make it six all together.  and today the spider was in a posing mood.  we will close with a daylily fittingly named for the season and its bloom time.  this one is busy ferrying others across the river.  Charon the Ferryman.  it will be in bloom for a while.  four pictures.  we won’t mention the phrase from that other novel.  mainly because fall is coming first.

green garden spider green garden spider det

charon the ferryman det 2014 charon the ferryman det 2014 macro

seedlings and seedlings

two generations.  both with late bloom.  both mostly yellow.  the first is a plant that has been crossed with lots of things.  it is a trumpet shaped bloom.  it is tall in the four foot range.  the second is a seedling of the first.  so they will look a bit similar.  mostly images that i will use to see a little of what this new seedling is doing.  one day’s observation is just a small slice of what a plant will do during a bloom season.  four images

11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret

volcon fuego x 11-0730-A DI x AM branching

volcon fuego x 11-0730-A DI x AM  IMG_5805

volcon fuego x 11-0730-A DI x AM  IMG_5804 side view

bloom for a day

and stop blooming quite quickly.  fade, melt, drip, and dry up that is what daylilies do.  they are not the only flowers that do so.  the technical word to describe this is senescence.  so if you search on senescence with the word flowers or plants you will get lots of very technical descriptions of what is involved and the bio-chemical events.  or the simple statement that they bloom for a day and have their own internal switch.  yes this can be important to science for many reasons.  and yes we can look at it a little differently in the garden.  now a few pictures of blooms for a day, drip, dry, and pretty.

senescence image nc x js senescence


now where was i ?

can i remember back that far ?  odds are that even starting with the pictures that were ready for last night’s post the words will take a slightly different turn.  before some facilities altered my course these three images were  the starting point for the planned post.  so where was i ?  the first image is a slightly bigger garden bed.   roughly 3 ft by 8 ft  0.9 M x 2.4 M was added to the bed.  and if you look closely at the bigger plants behind you might see a couple of dark voids where the two plants up front were rescued.  as plants like to do they did, compete and crowd out.  last year was an even competition with no sign of a problem.  this year these two fell behind.   way behind.  i think next year they would have disappeared.  considering their bloom qualities they deserve the space.  and yes there is a seed pod one the rescued plant.  the other pictures are of a seedling.  a cross of  Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret) x North Wind Dancer.  it has just started blooming.  can i have too many late season plants ?  not…  and like a few others a very pastel bloom.  three images.  enjoy.   ps – i for one am enjoying the more facilities.

srf kids move

12-105 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret det

12-105 11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret  macro


some facilities

just not all, and not right away.  we frequently plan on doing a series of steps.  and then have that series of steps altered by forces outside of our control.  or are forced to wait.  or all of the above.  some days it just bees that way.  so here i am at the point where i can find a picture.  done.  now to add a spash of words and see what else the new day will bring.  this flower was a new addition to the garden this spring.  looking back it too suffered from a ‘some facilities’ series of events.  and in the end that is not so bad.  the plant made it to the garden and it is blooming now.  the flower is called Ballin’ the Jack.  appropriately with today’s theme the details are temporarily unavailable.  at least from that source.  the flower is about 7 inches and next year should be 35 inches tall.  this year it is quite a bit shorter, which is very normal for a plant that has been moved.  so today we will leave a few mysteries unsolved.  like the music and artist that chose this name years ago and is now shared with this flower.  we will just move on to the flower.  ….ahem, this does seem to be a re-occurring theme today.  how about a link to the picture… and soon when time and facilities permit the picture will actually be placed here… or so i imagine.

Ballin’ the Jack   i do hope you can see this.  for the moment it appears to be working….

ballin' the jack det


still not quite done

yes we are winding down.  each day the will be less and less bloom.  still there are some plants sending up rebloom scapes.  some of these rebloom scapes have not even started blooming yet.  and there are late plants that have just started to bloom.   and there are some new additions.  aren’t there always.  at least until the shovel falls from my hand and i cannot persuade someone else to move the plants.  this little patch of garden just increased.  it went from grass to garden.  and now Missing Link is growing there.  it is a sculptural daylily.  at least it wants to be sculptural sometimes.  though that is true of a lot of daylily characteristics.  they can be influenced by the weather or temperature and the desired characteristic can come or go.  so here is the new bit of garden and two more shots of the flower.  today only one petal was inclined to be sculptural.  oh and the pollen from this first and last flower on Missing Ling found some other flowers in the garden…   gotta get ready for next year…

new garden space IMG_5718

missing link det

and despite rumors to the contrary i have not lost all my marbles.  one more image follows.

Missing Link macro

yellow marble not lost det