the fire in the sky meet the fire in the earth via a metaphorical intermediary.  Nyiragongo – named for a volcano located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  and on the morning of this picture the fire came together in the flower.  two images

nyiragongo det


nyiragongo macro


cousins – one converted.  these two flowers share a common genetic heritage.  Satin Bird is from the same cross as Trahlyta.  Both are diploid plants, 22 chromosomes.  someone converted Trahlyta to a tetraploid, 44 chromosomes.  and it was then crossed with another plant producing Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  can you see the resemblance ?

satin bird det

teddy bear's picnic det

crayons on the deck

ever notice that early style of young artists ?  get all the crayons out of the box and all over the floor where you can work with them.  none of that putting each one away back into the box.  well i like that style in the garden too.  try all the colors and don’t worry about staying inside the lines either.  so here is the seedling.  a picture of the seedling next to one parent.  and a picture of the two parents.  the cross is  Smoke Scream x Black Plush ) x Fol de Rol

12-132 Smoke Scream x BP) FDR det

seedling first bloom 12-132 Smoke Scream x Black Plush) x Fol De Rol sbs with fdr


these are the parents – a seedling Smoke Scream x Black Plush and the other parent Fol de Rol.

smoke scream x black plush sbs fol de rol


back to this garden

it was wonderful to see other gardens.  and it is just as wonderful to be back in this garden to see what is happening this summer.  some, many things are just starting to bloom.  this is one bloomed today.  it is a seedling that was selected and moved last summer, a cross of Give Me Eight x Smoke Scream.  seedlings can change as they mature  -  so i will be watching this one.  so far it resembles the form and color of last year only a little richer and stronger.  perhaps i will find the image from last year.  or perhaps i will just keep observing this one and move on with it as it grows…

14-0722-002 Give Me Eight x Smoke Scream det

in the valley

the Valley of the Daylilies garden that is.  it is the other garden we visited.  Dan Bachman hybridizes his own daylilies and he also has a wide selection of daylilies by other growers.  his main focus is spiders and unusual forms, loosely described as skinny and twisty.  though there is much more to see in all the forms of the daylily.  thanks Dan for a wonderful visit.   so without too much more blabber a picture of the garden and three pictures of what i remember to be a seedling.  and no it is not a small garden.  there are lots of daylilies to be seen here too.  enjoy

valley of the daylilies IMG_2184

vod uf IMG_2085

vod uf det

vod uf macro

pretty and far

four images.  this first image is a panorama i tried to create hopefully to show the scale of Riverbend garden.  you might not want to open it if you are on a hand held device.

river bend panorama yard resize_2100wd

perhaps this second image does a better job of setting the scale.  if memory is correct it was taken at the back left hand corner of the first image.  just how many jelly beans are sitting in that jar… er garden ?  that is part of the reason it took four hours to walk the garden.  and i was never bored for a moment.  the flowers and Mike and Sandy are just that wonderful.

river bend yard view IMG_2613

this next image is one of the flowers that Mike is working on shaping.  it is a big ruffled 8 inch (20.5cm) flower.  Mike hybridizes to his own rhythm.  this flower does not quite behave up to his standards.  some days the petals may hang up on the ruffles.  so depending on what Mike decides it may not go any further than his garden.  and that is part of being a hybridizer.  each of us must set our own standards.  and that is the only person the hybridizer needs to please.  and that is really the only explanation needed.  it is not a criticism of any other hybridizer or their standards.  it is simply a personal choice.  i hope you enjoy this flower as much as i do since the other considerations do not diminish its over all beauty.  it is simply a step in one direction.  and one that the hybridizer gets to decide if another step is required in the creative process.  the flower is next and a macro of the petal.  enjoy.

big red mike h det

big red mike h macro





a flower by Sandy

i would like to thank Sandy and Mike Holmes for a very lovely visit to their gardens the other day.  this is one of Sandy’s flowers.  i believe this one goes into the category of surprise.  Sandy is a very knowledgeable hybridizer.  her goal is usually to create tetraploid spidery and unusual form flowers.  to put it in simpler words skinny twisty beauties.  strange patterns and eye zones do not usually go hand in hand with that goal.  at least it was not showing in the genetics of that cross.  If you want to see more of her work please click on this link.  for the moment please enjoy this flower.  i certainly do.  two images.  enyoy !

river bend unidentified seedling tet sandy h macro river bend unidentified seedling tet sandy h