time again

this flower blooms early in the season.  it has been a while since this picture came around.  and most years when i look at this flower i keep thinking that there are no seedlings here from this flower.  perhaps next  July that minor fact will be remembered.  perhaps…  Delta Force an 8.5 in 21.5 cm bloom.  two images

delta force det delta force macro

a red seedling

and the need for better labels.  this bloomed here this summer.  it is from seedlings planted in 2011.  and the rest of the information is buried in the foliage somewhere.  now if push comes to shove we can make do with out that information.  later we will find out if push and shove dropped the info in the cracks forever to be permanently safe.  so much for the verbal and printed details.  how about something visual ?  a red flower.  with a different color edge.  and a darker midrib.  and petals stretching out quite nicely into an open star.  and sepals that pinch.  two images

red 11-xxx seedling det red 11-xxx seedling



somewhere in this garden is there a flower that does not need to be crossed ?  in a way that is a bit of a silly question.  a bit of denial.  what is a flower whether to the bee or me or any other agent except to be crossed.  it is like a bird that must fly or an ostrich that must run.  it is the stuff of flowers.  so why feel the least bit off about pitching in.  seed collecting is going well.  there are too many … again.  and life will winnow them down.  here is one that was not winnowed.  Apophis.  a dark think with pleating in its veins.  two images

apophis det apophis macro



driving home with willie in the bicycle lane

yes it has been that kind of a night….   my cousin Erin and her husband Ryan got married tonight…. does it get any  better ?  best wishes to them both.  we left the event in great spirits.  you figure out the details…  it is a wonderful night.  it was a tad befuddling working out the directions.   Rt 2 kept dodging and weaving still that was not an issue.  downtown was escaped!  detroit ave. with its bicycle lane was good with Willie Nelson and the route home.  maybe i did not love you as much as i should have…..   and i will keep working on that part….    and all is well.  here is a flower for the newly weds and t very blessed future….

cs x ss det cs x ss macro 002

the old, the new, and the fantasy

this is one of the oldies here in the garden.  it goes back to 1948.  the flower that is.  of course the house and therefore the garden goes back a little earlier.  though what the garden looked like back then is anyone’s guess.  there was not much of a flower garden when we moved here.  trees and shrubs yes.  flowers not so much.  so back to the flower.   it is Fantasia a flower by one of the pioneers in daylily hybridizing.  so what has me still interested ?  I can think of three flowers here in the garden that might make an interesting cross.  Fantasia is an open form shaped like a star.  and it has some twist.  and then there is the mystery of what might be hiding in its genetics.  i need to get a gardener’s card that says ‘have pollen, will plant seeds’.  two images

fantasia det 2 fantasia det 7/02


pleasant surprises

sometimes sideways is not needed.  though for as many crosses were made before seeds took and a flower bloomed we might file this one under slow and eventually steady progress.  this is another seedling.  little rainbow’s big sister (an unregistered seedling) x Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  the seedling has the garden name little rainbow’s big sister because it has a similar yellow on pink poly chrome to its name sake.  and like the name it is bigger and unlike its name sake it is a tetraploid not a diploid.  and unlike the hoped for results with yesterday’s flower this one did come out skinnier !  some day this might get skinnier yet.  for now this is progress.  Teddy Bear’s Picnic is a descendent of Trahlyta.  a flower that can produce skinny spidery children  one image.  11-086 little rainbow's big sister x Teddy Bear's Picnic det


sometimes forward is a difficult proposition.  and sideways becomes the option.  for the last several years i have been trying to cross a large yellow open form flower with anything that might make it more spidery or twisty.  as you are already guessing this has not worked out real well.  Strung Out – the large yellow flower – is mostly unimpressed by my efforts.  a couple of pods have been set on other flowers – just a very few – and Strung Out has so far resisted any seed pods on itself.  now this could all be from poor choices on my part for the other parent.  so when forwards did not work out sideways became the option.  Solar Music is a large round flower.  decidedly not spidery or twisty.  these two were crossed with each other.  the Solar Music pod x Strung Out pollen cross worked.  it is a rather large flower.  so now that we have moved sideways will forward again become an option ?  first the parents and then the seedling.  two images…

solar music sbs strung out

solar music x strung out