let there be red

no we are not painting roses. and this flower needs no paint in that direction. it is a cross of two red parent flowers. it also happens to be a cross of a flower named for a granddaughter. and a flower chosen by my dearest. Cecilia’s Crescendo a slightly shorter and slightly smaller flower was crossed with She Who Must Be Obeyed. the resulting seedling is a little taller than She Who Must Be Obeyed and the flower is about the same size. it will be fun trying to build on this plant this coming summer. planning for more red…


8 thoughts on “let there be red

  1. Judy@NewEnglandGardenAndThread

    I’ve thought of you this past week or so when I moved hundreds of daylilies I had planted on the border to the woods. When I found out we needed a contractor who was going to dig in one of those areas, I started digging and moved them all over to a safer spot. It took me days of digging, but I saved them all. Now, if the deer leave them alone, I will still see some beautiful blooms. 🙂

  2. Gradmama2011

    Simon & Garfunkle strumming in the background…. to paraphrase a line “I’m down on my knees, begging ya please (to be red)” ha ha… I love your red lillies. … but then, I love all lillies.:-)

  3. TamrahJo

    Roses are red,
    (many other plants too),
    I love Disney,
    (but the song referred to by robertawrites, I have no clue)
    I Like Simon & Garfunkle, I do tell,
    Though, have to look those lyrics up, as well….
    Drought Rages here, still,
    Some short rain spatters, 2 nights ago, on window sills,
    And the only red, to be found,
    In my yard,
    Out of the ground,
    Are the new stalks of Wild Roses,
    And the fruit of last fall,
    That have held steadfastly on,
    And the local birds, didn’t need them, for food this winter, afterall.
    The 6 daylillies long ago gifted to me,
    Have yet to show up where I can see….
    Until some future ‘when’
    All I can report in…
    Only Red here?
    Wild Roses Dears.
    And yes, if you didn’t know it,
    I’m not really a poet….


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