blooming today

the first flower is a seedling from Stella’s Ruffled Fingers that started blooming today. the next image is that row of Stella kids from the other night. today several of them are blooming all at once. in a few more days most of them will be bloom all together. then the contest to make new and better combinations can continue. putting pollen from one plant on another is a guessing game with a two year pause. usually by the second year, sometimes the third year a new plant will bloom. it sometimes results in a very pleasant flower. other times it is repeat to add to that flower building process. the larkspur is surging in bloom. as it fades it will be pulled out. even though the foliage is feathery it will be time to make room for other flowers to bloom. and then there is the other feathery leaved plant chocolate fennel. the flowers are nondescript visually. ecologically the flowers of fennel and others from the carrot family are a key beacon. those flowers attract a multitude of small predatory insects that spread out into the garden and feed on garden pests. then there is that ditch lily that grew under the fence. they are pretty. and better kept in their own space instead of mixing up with everything else in the garden.

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