oh it’s ending

i am getting closer to moving the last of the 46 seedlings into their new bed. there are still 6 or 7 that need to move. then i can start moving the other ones to other locations and making sure labels are ready for winter on the ones that do not move this fall. tomorrow is supposed to rain. no moves tomorrow. eventually this good autumn weather will give way to the yucky stuff. and moves will halt for this year. tonight’s flower is Neverending Summer. i picked cause i like it. i did not pick it for the ironic counterpoint. during the summer it will rebloom. that is where name comes from. so oh yes it is ending. darkness comes earlier each day. and before the internet does anything else funny it is time to post this…

Neverending Summer

8 thoughts on “oh it’s ending

    1. John Hric Post author

      Daylilies are hardy perennials. Almost all are done blooming. And the few that are blooming are just a shadow of what they were this summer. They have not yet been hit by frost. And even then depending on the weather they can keep growing. Now the pictures are from this past summer. And until next summer that is where the pictures will come from. So as long as it does not get too cold or too muddy I will be working on moving plants for next summer’s garden. As long as the ground is not frozen the daylilies will be happy to move. Cue Elsa ‘the cold never bothered me anyway…’

  1. susansdailygarden

    What a beautiful daylily!
    46 moves – that’s incredible!
    I’m only moving two 5′ wide hostas this fall – they will be dug out and divided by folks who are much stronger than I am – and they will be gifted to other gardens. In their place? Probably daylilies. Seedlings.
    Thanks for the continual inspiration!


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