pieces parts

for starters that would cover the fragments of the ideas going into this post. one of the flowers is Red Suspenders. it is the starting point. and it is part of the journey. it was crossed with Fire From Heaven to produce Watchyl Fiery Suspense. and so the question enters. Fire From Heaven was originally a diploid plant that was converted. it had its chromosomes doubled. so the converted plant was used to bring some of the qualities of the diploid plant into the tetraploid gene pool. except there was a question. is Watchyl Fiery Suspense a tetraploid. it does not want to cross with any other tetraploid. no seeds are produced. so the question lingers. after many unsuccessful attempts i tried a back cross. Red Suspenders a parent plant of Watchyl Fiery Suspense was crossed back to it. and surprise seeds did form and grow. so it does look to be a tetraploid plant. of course tetraploids are notoriously fussy of what will cross with what. so who knows what the next step will bring ? if that seedling keeps polying that will be one reason to take the next explore…


16 thoughts on “pieces parts

    1. John Hric Post author

      I like your alliteration Lauren. I looked up Fire From Heaven for the image. I did not grow that one here. The rest of them have been here. It is a juggling act keeping the brazen beauties content. They each need a bit of room to strut their stuff. The trick is not letting the garden get too crowded. And it seems I need to keep re-teaching myself that rule each year. When it does get too crowded they eventually start crowd one another out. And it has a negative affect on their brazen-ness. It would not be so bad if I did not keep planting more seeds each year. And try to keep more than fit into this yard. It keeps me on my toes. And with a shovel in hand readjusting. Thanks !

      1. John Hric Post author

        I was introduced to the garden by two experts. Mother and Grandmother. They did this before I knew it would be such a good place to set aside the general insanity of the world. The green thumb comes with practice.

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