late night posts can sometimes turn into early morning posts. or on other occasions this will wait till tomorrow posts. four in the morning was one of those. it was time to drift into bed. now to wander back to the flower. in some ways it is similar to the flower the night before. they both have colors that ebb and flow through the flower blending into the colors next to them. this flower has just enough strong color in the throat that it steps over the line in terms of being pastel…


18 thoughts on “duh

  1. TamrahJo

    This flower made me think of raspberry cheesecake sherbert – the other one prior? peaches & cream swirl – – apparently, I need to get the house stocked with some ice cream……… 😀

      1. TamrahJo

        LOL – well you know me! Fanciful and not strict botany/hybrids/crosses kept straight soul – rather, one who gazes upon something and thinks, “hmmm….reminds me of…..” – LOL

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