working in the garden means working with dirt.  when a plant comes to the garden it does not just get planted.  our soil is what i have come to call urban land fill.  when we first moved here i thought it was clay.  and part of it is.  there is also a layer above the clay that contains all sorts of things.  not quite ancient archeology things.  slightly more recent things and they are covered with another layer of clay.  over the years the things have been removed.  all sorts of metal, brick, glass, and other odd junk.  so the hole is dug.  junk removed.  and soil amendments added.  some of the original soil goes back in minus the junk.  after all clay itself is very good for holding soil nutrients.  a couple shovels full of peat moss and a couple of compost.  the compost is grown right here.  and the grapehoe is a great tool for emptying and turning the compost pile.  between the shovel and the grapehoe there are two items that figure into the cherished objects.  without them the gardening, the dirt would not get done.  dirt, that figures in too.  and plants like Ballad of a Thin Man would not grow quite so well.  four images plants and tools…

shovel and grapehoe 20160730_104435 Ballad of a Thin Man 20160730_105726 det Ballad of a Thin Man 20160730_105726 macro

Ballad of a Thin Man

Ballad of a Thin Man

5 thoughts on “dirt

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks WG ! The only time the adventure of the dig really bugs me – is when a plant is being moved and the found junk is extremely resistant to being moved. And at that point time is often running out too. glad you enjoy the photos.


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