don’t do that

i had the picture ready yesterday. unfortunately i failed to gauge the blast radius of the spawn of zaphod beeblebrox and it totally threw me out of my game. don’t worry he will do it again. i have it on good word that there is a fleet of power shovels on stand by when he hits bottom. yeah he will keep digging. now back to the flower. it is or should be a paradox. it is a cross of two older diploids both of which were converted to tetraploids. Ice Carnival x Open Hearth. one is pure white and the other red flames. the seedling decided to take the fire. and now this summer i do hope to play with fire… and ice. it should be cool fun. stay sane. fight the virus, shelter in place, thank a medical responder, thank first responders, show empathy everyone needs some now. we are in this together. we can do this.


10 thoughts on “don’t do that

    1. John Hric Post author

      Considering that you are holding your towel relax. Although this just might be a sign that an intergalactic infrastructure project is immanent. So stay poised. Yes for anything. We could take that young fellow hiding behind you and head to the restaurant at the end of the universe to discuss this properly. If only to see if they server Corona there.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks Dan. As long as you have brought your towel there is no need to hide. So do you think Cheryl has a part time gig serving Corona at TRATEOTU ?


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