because it is early and the zag that was planned zags too much. so he went to the word press media library and searched for Smoke Scream. and found too much. five pages too much. at least too much for 2:30 am. so the path for this zig is shorter. a path to something yellow from somethings purple. one purple seedling is 10-081 Talon x Smoke Scream. the other purple is Thorhalla. stir the colors gently for hours. then add just a pinch of eye of newt. or just a tear drop…


7 thoughts on “zig

  1. John Hric Post author

    Zag was going to be a longer more involved history. Something that did not jive well with the moment. I will have to try to start that one a wee bit sooner tonight. Or switch to an entirely different line. Stay tuned… thanks Dan.


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