Paper Butterfly

is one of the predictable early flowers.  not always the first, it is always among the early bloomers.  four images…

paper butterfly img 7972 grdn paper butterfly img 7972 det paper butterfly img 7972 macro 2 paper butterfly img 7972 macro

6 thoughts on “Paper Butterfly

  1. chiharumon

    I wish to have one like this in our backyard and once bloomed, will be transferred into a pot and be placed in our living room. I think this is a perfect ornament at home. 🙂

  2. John Hric Post author

    Chiharumon – I will try to explain at length tomorrow. The daylily is not known as an indoor plant, though it may be possible. Also the flowers last one day. The next morning they are a closed gooey wet lump. Outdoors in summer this is not an issue. And by the next day the spent bloom is mostly dried up by the sun. Not sure what would happen indoors in the house.
    More later when I am awake.


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