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take the pollen from this plant and put it on that plant. take the new plant from that one and put some of this pollen on it. look at the new plants from those crosses. make choices and try it another time. keep finding changes you like. changes that are little. changes that are bigger. let them build. one of the first plants in one of these building experiments is South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers . it was crossed to the yellow seedling next to it. the new seedling is next and it was crossed with Lullaby of Birdland. that produced the 14-063 seedling. and that was crossed back to the 11-082 seedling again to get to the last seedling 16-100. you don’t have to memorize the begats. the pictures are in order…

where to

pick up a flower any flower you might choose and apply your whims. whether it is the color or the mix of colors, or some other quality and wish a few or all of those elements into the next edition of that flower. the first flower below is as good as example as any. and one that so far is untried. what to take and where to take it ? well the flower will have a bit to say about that. actually both flowers the pollen and the pod parent. so it will be a bit of wish and a bit of we will see. and then there is a bit of practical experience. the two parents are Naked X-ray Technician and Kyoto Swan. both of them in the purples color range. and two different days of what i am fairly sure are the same seedling from those two parents. one day with a bit of sculptural shaping of the flower. and both of them demonstrating the ability of purples to respond to changes in the weather and temperature. they can and often do drift from the red to blue shades of purple from one day to another. so back to the first question. pick a flower both pod and pollen parent. how would you guide the next iteration ?


so these are the plants that went into both Yin and Yang.  Prague Spring × Capulina) × (Satchmo × Lola Branham make up the cross. i guess i need to take another picture of Capulina. there is no tag to help me find it. and i am not going through two or three thousand pictures in the hope i do find it. having that many pictures is both a blessing and a curse. fun to go through if there is the time. and a pain if there is no tag to help find just one specific flower. so here are the parent plants and Yin and Yang…

these first two images are courtesy of the AHS database



what you want

not. you can’t always get it. i plant about five seeds from each cross. most of the time i am hoping for long skinny petals. a little twist and dance would be nice too. of course just a step forward would be nice even if that other stuff is still on order. the cross is Black Falcon Ritual x Vertical Horizon. Black Falcon Ritual does have somewhat long and somewhere between fat and not fat petals. height and color came across in an interesting fashion. skinny not so much yet. however it might be possible in the next generation. sometimes possible is a good start…


simple keep it. and leave yoda out of this too. this flower is usually tall about 40 inches 101.6 cm. and it blooms late in the last third of daylily season. it may have had a not happy with this summer reaction. i seem to remember it not reaching its normal height. something to watch in the plant evaluation.


“success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” winston churchill

that can be applied to many situations. daylilies is one of them. a flower can possess many qualities. when you put two flowers together you never know which qualities will be passed to the offspring. you can guess. and in time you can find the qualities that were unexpectedly dropped. Golliwog is a gorgeous flower. except that it is pollen sterile. frustrating still not the end of the world or the end of the garden. it does limit some options on that next cross. Mahukona is a child plant from Golliwog. i need to look into that some more and perhaps plan a few crosses with both of those flowers. sometimes some limits are not so bad. just add enthusiasm…

notorious seedlings

whoda thunk it ? a flower seedling with a notorious reputation. and all because the parent plant had something of an unusual name. i guess that describes the world of daylilies. if you grow a daylily from seed and if you decide to register it you can name it pretty much what you want. within reason. or within stretching reason. or you can try to make the registration body balk and hesitate. one of the daylilies that grows in my garden is named Naked X-ray Technician. when you consider x-rays it takes on what i would consider a poetic nature. now that i am half way into this post i do want to thank dan for the inspiration for tonight’s post. someone else named this daylily. and like i said poetically speaking i find the name amusing and thought provoking. it may even cause me to ponder the potential name of the seedling that surprised dan with its parentage. that is if the seedling itself is a plant worthy of registration. it certainly has a different look. and it needs to have more than a look. it needs to be a healthy strong plant that is more than a flash be it in the sunshine or the blast of an x-ray. that will take several years of evaluation. the plant will have to weather the test and be tested by the weather – or climate. anyway here are the pictures of the parents and a reprise by the seedling that started the ruckus. first the parents. Naked X-ray Technician is the flower on the right. the seedling follows. if i could manage to persuade it to put its lab coat back on the resemblance to its parents would immediately become obvious… thanks dan !