somewhere in this garden is there a flower that does not need to be crossed ?  in a way that is a bit of a silly question.  a bit of denial.  what is a flower whether to the bee or me or any other agent except to be crossed.  it is like a bird that must fly or an ostrich that must run.  it is the stuff of flowers.  so why feel the least bit off about pitching in.  seed collecting is going well.  there are too many … again.  and life will winnow them down.  here is one that was not winnowed.  Apophis.  a dark think with pleating in its veins.  two images

apophis det apophis macro



1 thought on “somewhere

  1. TamrahJo

    My mammoth sunflowers, with heavy heads and non-formed seeds, due to our cold/wet summer, are so bowed, but I hold off cutting them down, because of the bees that love to crawl all over them – – 🙂


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